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By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | October 17, 2011
The aim of Saffolalife 'Heart Age Finder' activity was to create awareness towards the importance of preventive heart care.

In a bid to celebrate World Heart Day, Saffola launched an out of home (OOH) activity titled 'Saffolalife'. The recently-concluded 10-day campaign was executed by MOMS, the outdoor arm of Madison World.

Tactical locations across Mumbai and Delhi were chosen and huge red-coloured heart-shaped cut-outs being hugged were put up with the message: Happy Birthday Heart. A backlit box, with a blinking effect was created to portray the heartbeat. Some of the hoardings had a 3D effect, as well.

The Saffolalife campaign was also carried out in various traffic-choked areas of Mumbai, with various innovations like helium balloons and confetti blasts. Saffolla promoters were placed at various places in the two cities to do on-the-spot check ups, where people could check their heart's age and celebrate their heart's birthday for the first time ever.

In addition to these activities, mobile vans, bus shelters and mall facades across Delhi and Mumbai, also had creatives of the heart in red, with a 'Happy Birthday Dear Heart' inscribed on it.

The aim of the activity was to raise awareness about the importance of preventive heart care, and of your heart's real age through the Saffolalife 'Heart Age Finder'.

Talking about the brief, Dipankar Sanyal, chief operating officer, Madison MOMS, says, "The brief was to celebrate World Heart Day through the message of the importance of taking care of one's heart, with the help of humorous and interesting creatives. We wanted to make people understand the fact that 'health is where the heart is'." The idea was to spread the simple message in an eye-catching manner.

Talking about the challenges, Sanyal mentions, "It was a challenge to put across such a serious issue of taking care of one's heart in a fun way."

As claimed by Saffola, the campaign was a huge success, as the innovations motivated people to think about their heart's health. Apart from thousands of active participants gathering at the live check-up counters, many more logged on to the Saffolalife website or called in to find the true age of their heart. "This represents the shifting attitude towards preventive heart care in India, and an achievement of Saffolalife to further the cause of heart health," adds Sanyal.

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