MTS reaches out to youth with 3D innovation

By Jhumur Nandi , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | December 23, 2011
MTS has come up with a 3D innovative outdoor 'red energy' campaign, strategically placed at five high traffic crossings in Kolkata.

In order to promote the youth-centric 'Red Energy' campaign, the West Bengal circle of MTS has come up with an innovative out of home campaign with a three-dimensional look. The 3D medium has been chosen to give a larger-than-life look to the outdoor campaign. The campaign was launched on December 20, and will continue for the next few months.

'Red Energy' campaign is a youth outreach programme. In order to strengthen the youth engagement in the Red Energy campaign, the brand has launched several initiatives such as a rock band hunt and mobile phones which cost less than Rs 5,000 for youngsters.

The innovation has been strategically placed in five high traffic crossings in Kolkata which includes Girish Park crossing, E M Bypass, Prince Anwarshah Connector, Alipur Machino Techno, Hyatt, and Sanjha Chulha crossing.

Keshav Tiwary, COO of Kolkata and West Bengal, MTS India, says, "The main objective to come up with such an innovation was to position the 'Red Energy' campaign as innovative, dynamic and youthful."

The structure has a granular sub base (GSB) and the backlit-acrylic phone cut out is mounted in the middle of the booth. Another backlit acrylic cut out with a boy skating is mounted on both sides of the phone, to give it a 3D look. The base measures 6 x 1.75 feet, and the phone cut out with the boy skating measures 4 x 7 feet. The innovation has been placed above the police booth to catch immediate attention of the onlookers.

"The challenge lay in the execution of the campaign within the given time frame, and to install such heavy structures amidst traffic," adds Tiwary. The campaign was executed within 15 days.

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