IRS 2011, Q3: Most English dailies gain readers

By Shibani Gharat , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | December 26, 2011
While The Hindu, at No. 3, has added 92,000 readers, The Telegraph has added 57,000 average readers per issue. Deccan Chronicle has also managed to register a marginal growth of 6,000 readers in this quarter.

The two top English Dailies have witnessed a decline in AIR (average issue readership). While the top English Daily, The Times of India, has lost its readership by a marginal 4,000 readers in the current quarter, its AIR has increased by 3.83 lakh in the previous four quarters. While in Q2, 2010, it was 70.88 lakh, its AIR in Q3, 2011, is 74.67 lakh.

Hindustan Times, at No. 2 follows in the footsteps of The Times of India. The New-Delhi headquartered daily has lost 4,000 readers in this quarter as compared to the last quarter. But, its AIR has grown from 35.17 lakh in Q3, 2010, to 37.33 lakh in Q3, 2011 - an addition of 2.16 lakh average readers per issue.

The Hindu follows next with an AIR of 21.69 lakh. The Chennai-based newspaper has seen substantial growth as compared to the last quarter, having added around 92,000 readers. The newspaper, which witnessed a dip in its readership in Q1, 2011, and even further in Q2, 2011, has more than compensated for the loss this quarter - 38,000 readers in the last two quarters. In fact, this is the highest readership that the newspaper has achieved since Q3, 2010.

At No. 4, The Telegraph has added around 57,000 readers as compared to the previous quarter. As compared to Q3, 2010, the newspaper is on a growth spiral, its AIR having increased from 11.97 lakh in Q3, 2010, to 12.66 lakh in Q3, 2011.

Deccan Chronicle has managed to register a marginal growth of 6,000 readers in this quarter. This newspaper, too, has been consistent in maintaining its readership base and has achieved an AIR of 10.94 lakh in this quarter.

DNA and The Economic Times seem to be in a competitive mood as they vie for the next two positions. With an AIR of 8.63, DNA is at No. 6, while The Economic Times sits at No.7 with an AIR of 8.21 lakh, in this quarter.

Around the same time last year (2010), The Economic Times was at No. 6, with an AIR of 7.98 lakh, while DNA followed with an AIR of 7.68 lakh. Although both newspapers had lost readers in the subsequent quarter, Q4, 2010, DNA raced ahead of the business newspaper and placed itself in the sixth position in Q1, 2011, with an AIR of 8.22 lakh, displacing The Economic Times, (AIR of 7.69), from its position.

Although after Q1, 2011, the business daily has added 36,000 readers, as compared to the last quarter, it has been unable to win back the No. 6 position. DNA, meanwhile has added 39,000 readers as compared to Q2, 2011.

Mumbai Mirror, the Mumbai-based tabloid, has retained its No. 8 position in this quarter. The newspaper has witnessed an unsteady growth over the past one year. Although, in Q4, 2010, it had lost 45,000 readers, in Q1, 2011, it added 69,000 readers as compared to the previous quarter. Hence, its AIR decreased from 7.56 lakh in Q3, 2010, to 7.11 lakh in Q4, 2010, then went up again to 7.80 lakh AIR in Q1, 2011. But, once again, it dipped to an AIR of 7.58 in Q2, 2011. This quarter, Mumbai Mirror has added a mere 2,000 readers.

At No. 9 is The Tribune, with an AIR of 5.99 lakh. The newspaper's highest AIR of 6.21 lakh was registered in Q4, 2010.

The Indian Express has witnessed a steady growth and has kept adding readers. Its AIR of 5.59 lakh readership in Q2, 2011,has grown to 5.93 lakh in this quarter.

The newspaper has added around 87,000 readers since Q3, 2010.

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