Amar Ujala AMCL 2012: Times Internet, Hakuhodo Percept, Draftfcb Ulka, Dentsu, Karmatech, GroupM, NewsX, OMD march ahead in Delhi

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The two days of cricket were filled with excitement and many nail-biting moments. With the tournament progressing, stakes were high, and competition tough.

Amar Ujala AMCL

Amar Ujala AMCL

Tasting success for the second time, both Karmatech and NewsX were upbeat with their performances and together spoilt Team Dainik Jagran's chances to move ahead in the tournament.

Times Internet versus Global Team Ford

Playing their first match in Amar Ujala Agency and Media Cricket League, both sides were raring to outdo each other and play the better game. Having won the toss, Global Team Ford decided to bowl first. Kapil and Ankush opened the batting order for Times Internet, but the former was sent back after facing just three balls. Sachin and Ashish, who scored 46 runs (off 26 deliveries, 5X4, 2X6) and 21 runs (off 11 balls, 4X4) helped the team tide over fierce bowling attack. Though Global Team Ford contained the opponent to a manageable 97 runs, the team itself couldn't breach the target and lost the match. Ashish of Team Times Internet made his intentions clear when at his very first ball of the innings, he clinched a wicket. Vivas came next and sent the next two balls across the boundary for fours, as if avenging the loss. Yash and Rajnish of Team Times Internet took two wickets each and helped their side win the match. Buckling under a stiff bowling attack, Global Team Ford lost the encounter by 25 runs. Sachin Chandila of Team Times Internet was adjudged the Man of the Match.

Hakuhodo Percept versus Diamond Magazine

The next match of the day was between Team Hakuhodo Percept and Team Diamond Magazine. The latter won the toss and decided to field. Opening the attack from Team Hakuhudo, Deepak Bhandari and Saurabh looked determined to win the match. However, Bhandari was sent back soon while running between the wickets by Prashant, who displayed commendable fielding. Prashant was on the roll when he grabbed another wicket of the opposing captain Prabal. The match turned exciting now, and looked skewed towards Diamond Magazine. Playing to the best of their abilities, both sides fought neck-to-neck to the point when Diamond Magazine needed just nine runs off five balls. Team Hakuhudo set an easy target of 74 runs, and Saurabh was the only batsman who could stay put on crease. He scored 45 runs off 29 balls and sent the ball for boundary eight times. After an interesting duel, Team Hakuhudo won the face-off by just seven runs. Saurabh was adjudged the Man of the Match.

Draftfcb Ulka versus ZenithOptimedia

Amar Ujala AMCL

The next encounter was between Draftfcb Ulka and ZenithOptimedia. The former won the toss and decided to bat first. The opening pair of Arun and Nakul from Team Draft made the goings-onlook easy, as Arun scored 54 runs off 28 balls (7X4,3X6) and Harinder scored 17 off eight balls (4X4). Next in the order came Naresh Dutt, who's been an AMCL veteran and has been a consistently high performing player. Dutt scored 61 runs off just 19 balls (9X4, 3X6) and helped his side set a formidable target of 159 runs. The opening duo of Team ZenithOptimedia, Dilip and Shivam tried making things better with 48 runs (off 21 balls, 5X4, 6X4) and 33 runs (off 19 balls, 6X4). Dutt not just spoke with his bat, but also bowled well and clinched two wickets. For an unbeaten knock-out and tight bowling, he deservingly went away with the Man of the Match trophy. Team Draftfcb Ulka won the match by 53 runs.

Dentsu versus GroupM (B)

This match highlighted what difference good bowlers can bring to a fiercely fought match. Team Dentsu won the match and decided to bat first. Setting a target of 119 runs for the opponents, the side threw up a stiff bowling attack. Sanjay was the star performer, who clinched four wickets, the highest number of wickets taken by a player in the tournament so far. He ceded 17 runs in the nine balls he bowled. Ashish and Abhishek, the opening batsmen from Team Dentsu scored 37 and 41 runs (off 28 and 19 balls), respectively. But, the side looked in trouble as soon as the pair got out. Subhashish, the captain of Team Dentsu came to the rescue, when with the help of two boundaries, he took the score to 118 runs. Though Rahul from GroupM (B) cornered three wickets, he gave away 33 runs in the three overs he bowled. Aniket from GroupM was the only player who could successfully face the opponents. He scored 42 runs off just half the balls he faced. Team GroupM (B) could collect only 74 runs and therefore lost the match with a wide margin. Sanjay, from the winning side, was adjudged the Man of the Match.

Day 2 - Karmatech Mediaworks versus Dainik Jagran

The next day of the tournament brought surprises, when last year's finalist Team Dainik Jagran was defeated by both its opponents, pushing it out of the Agency and Media Cricket League. Team Jagran faced Karmatech in the initial encounter. The former won the toss and asked the opponent to bat first. Sunny and Harkanwar Singh, who opened the batting line-up for Karmatech, together scored 66 runs. The partnership helped the team set 113 as the target. The match, right from the word go, made for an exciting watch. Karmatech was playing as a cohesive bunch, cheering and encouraging each other intermittently. Harkanwar Singh of Team Karmatech, attacked the opposing side and clinched his first wicket in his maiden over. There were few moments when tempers started rising amid mild sledging by Team Karmatech. Rohit of Team Jagran answered it by sending the next few balls across the boundary. He snatched 20 runs off an over. Rohit completed his half-century in just 20 balls (8X4, 2X6). Harkanwar Singh, as in his previous league match, turned the match by catching Rohit's six, right ahead of the boundary rope. Sunny from Karmatech was declared the Man of the Match for scoring 32 runs and snapping two crucial wickets. His side won the fiercely fought match by just three runs.

GroupM (A) versus JWT

The next match of the day was between GroupM (A) and JWT. The former won the toss and decided to bat first. The opening pair of Mohit and Ubed made the goings-on look easy, as they scored 93 of the 114 runs their side managed. Mohit entertained his team by raining boundaries across the field. He scored 71 runs (off 32 balls, 10X4, 3X6). The opening pair stayed put and decided to finish the innings, but Ubed was sent back for a leg before wicket in the very last over. Team JWT, reeling under pressure from some initial misfielding, could only muster 71 runs. Dipanshu and Tirthmaan from Team GroupM snapped two wickets each. Mohit was aptly adjudged the Man of the Match as it was by the virtue of his unbeaten knockout that his side won the match by 43 runs.

Dainik Jagran (B) versus NewsX

The next in line was a face-off between Team NewsX and Team Jagran. The latter won the toss and decided to bat first. Team Jagran set a target of 103 runs with a loss of seven wickets. The chasing team met the target and won the match by a wicket. Rohit fom Team Jagran couldn't weild his magic and scored 19 runs (off 13 balls, 3X4, 1X6). Kunal from the side cornered 41 runs (off 22 balls, 4X4, 3X6) but couldn't save the crucial match. Kashif of Team NewsX was declared Man of the Match as he clinched two wickets and gave away just 15 runs in three overs. He also scored 30 runs off half the number of balls. Team NewsX won the match and pushed the opponents out of the tournament.

JWT versus OMD

The last match of the day was between JWT and OMD. JWT won the toss and elected to bat first. Setting a target of 106 runs, the team played and enjoyed its game. The chasing team met the target and won the match easily. The batting side of Team JWT floundered and Sachin Verma of Team OMD also spoilt the chances when he scored 68 runs (off 23 balls, 10X4, 2X6). In a decisive inning, Team OMD won the match by six wickets. It was the Sachin magic doing wonders for Team OMD. While Sachin Verma spoke through his bat, his namesake Sachin Kumar grabbed four wickets and ceded only 13 runs in the three overs he bowled. (Sachin) Kumar won the Man of the Match title as his bowling helped tilt the match in his team's favour.

For the complete scorecard, click here.

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