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By Jhumur Nandi , afaqs!, New Delhi | In OOH News | February 21, 2012
The 30 X 15 feet and 26 X 13 feet innovations demonstrate the automatic headlamps of the Fiat Linea 2012, and are placed at high traffic areas in Delhi and Gurgaon. The innovations are a part of a regular OOH campaign across six cities.

The Fiat Linea 2012/02 is equipped with a special feature wherein the headlamp switch does not have to be manually turned on and off every time the car enters or exits a dark area. This is automatically done through the photoelectric sensor of the headlamps.

Highlighting this feature and taking it as the core concept for an innovation, out of home (OOH) agency Broadview Mediacom has conceptualised and executed a unipole innovation for Fiat India Automobiles.

The 30 X 15 feet and 26 X 13 feet innovations are backed by LED focus lights that are controlled by flashers and timer devices. The creative of the unipoles showcase 2D cut-outs of the Fiat Linea 2012/02. Alternating darkness and light, controlled by flashers and timers, are created on the cut-out through LED focus lights positioned at the top and bottom of the unipole. The car cut-out has LED lights fitted behind the headlamps, which are again controlled by timer devices and synchronized with the focus lights.

When the focus lights are switched on to illuminate the car cut-out (creating a daylight effect), the headlamps of the car are turned off. After a few seconds, when the focus lights go off, thus creating an effect of darkness, the headlamps are turned on. A back-lit Fiat logo unit with its headline in LED reads, 'Auto On/Off headlamps in the new Fiat Linea 2012/02'. A halo effect created with LED lights around the 2D car cut-out completes the overall impact of the innovation.

The innovations were launched in the second week of February 2012/02 and will continue for three weeks.

Tarun Khanna

Gautam Chadha

Tarun Khanna, head, marketing, Fiat India Automobiles, says, "Innovations in the OOH medium are used to create impact and are mostly built around the communication idea. Rarely have innovations made the product come alive. That was the challenge, which the team helped overcome. In this case, the innovation concept and execution went beyond just creating impact, and demonstrated a category-first feature in a fairly real manner."

The two innovations have been strategically placed at high traffic areas such as Modi Mill flyover, Delhi and Cyber City, Gurgaon, attracting maximum number of eyeballs. "We hope that this creates enough buzz as the innovations have been carried out at very strategic sites, both being huge corporate and business hubs, with the right target audience," adds Khanna.

Gautam Chadha, managing director, Broadview Mediacom, says, "A challenging assignment has been well executed, thus bringing to fruition an innovation concept through an imaginative utilization of the scope and possibilities offered by OOH media. I am sure the innovation will create significant buzz for the brand and will provide an icing on the cake for the high reach and impact, pan-India OOH campaign executed by us for Fiat India."

The innovations are a part of a regular OOH campaign spread across six cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune, over 200 various outdoor sites such as billboards, unipoles, bridge panels, utilities, subway panels and overhead gantries.

The OOH campaign was carried out for various durations, ranging between three weeks to one month, across different cities.

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