Slice bets big on digital for 'Katrina ka number' campaign

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Last updated : March 16, 2012
The bottled beverage has launched a slew of digital innovations to go along with its ongoing campaign on the 'Katrina ka Number, Crown Ke Under' contest.

Slice, the mango flavoured drink from the PepsiCo stable, launched its campaign, 'Katrina Ka Number, Crown ke Under' to mark the start of summer. After television, out of home and print, the brand has extended the campaign to the digital medium. The digital campaign is executed by Mindshare.

Slice Digital Innovation

One of the most prominent and innovative campaigns launched by Slice is the live online Katrina chase. In the digital campaign, one sees its brand ambassador, actor Katrina Kaif, saunter around and then disappear. She invites the user to chase her by clicking on a web banner. The click transfers the user to the live homepage of another portal, urging the user to chase her again. The chase finally ends on a third homepage, where the campaign communication is revealed.

Another innovation involves a banner ad synchronised with a mobile backend. Here, Katrina asks the user to input his/her mobile number and gives him/her a call in real time. As soon as the user picks up the call, Katrina starts speaking to the user from the banner! The brand has already received more than 61,000 calls from this banner engagement. The third innovation is a rollover banner on major websites.

Amit Duggal

Yashraj Vakil

Commenting on the campaign, Amit Duggal, partner, Mindshare, says, "The insight behind these innovations was that they are extremely difficult to miss. No one can probably miss Katrina on the computer screen, moving around the site. These days, plain vanilla digital solutions don't work and are in constant danger of being missed out in the clutter. The digital innovations for Slice are all about a marriage between technology and the objective of the campaign."

Slice has also actively used social media to create buzz around the campaign. The drink's Facebook page, which has over 1,00,000 fans, was used to create hype around the campaign before it was launched on any other media platform.

Yashraj Vakil, chief operating officer, Red Digital (the agency which handles Slice's social media duties), says, "Social media was used as the starting point for this campaign. Slice's Facebook page is being used as tool to increase consumption as we have a contest running that allows users to chat with the brand ambassador, Katrina. Facebook allows us to identify the potential target audience, too."

Red Digital has also launched an app called Date Quotient, which measures whether the user has the quotient to go on a date with Katrina.

First Published : March 16, 2012
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