Diesel creates Facebook flash mob

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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The apparel brand has launched an extensive campaign on social media to drive the message of heavy discounts. The campaign has been designed and executed by digital marketing agency The Glitch.

On April 26, round 500 people which includes the employees of Diesel India and members of Diesel's Facebook community, changed their relationship status at a pre-decided time.

This triggered a heightened activity on Facebook, with questions and comments, only to be told 'Single is boring, Twosome is Awesome. Come along to dieselturnstwo.com and join the party'.

Rohit Raj

Pallavi Barman

The message became viral and within two hours of activity, the brand received more than 1,000 unique visitors and registrations on the website. The activity achieved an estimated 75,000 impressions within two days of its launch.

The occasion was Diesel's second birthday in India. The initiative was to lead users to the website, where they could generate QR codes to avail heavy discounts. The campaign was designed and executed by digital marketing agency The Glitch.

Commenting on the insight behind the campaign, Rohit Raj, right brain, co-founder and creative head, The Glitch, says, "A status update on relationship on Facebook generates quick reaction. Using this insight, we designed a campaign that will shock and surprise users, only to be told to check the website where they could take part in the activity to generate QR code invites. As we had an extremely short period of time to inform the users about the discounts, social media was the obvious choice due to the viral nature of the medium."

Once the user arrives at the website through the Facebook campaign, he/she can generate the QR code invites that will get them a discount of 50 per cent at Diesel retail outlets. To increase the reach of the campaign, users can also invite 10 of their friends to avail an additional 5 per cent discount. This led people to share the QR code on their walls by making it their display pictures to get their Facebook friends to use it, so they could avail an additional discount.

Pallavi Barman, marketing and communications, Diesel Fashion India Reliance Pvt Ltd, says, "At Diesel, we never use ATL for promotion of any kind of events or sales. The Diesel anniversary, especially, is an event created by the employees for themselves, their friends and family. We believe that we are a bunch of cool, fashionable and well networked people. Hence, we came up with the idea of using our own FB walls to share and propagate the sale message. Promotion on social media also lends an event a very underground, clandestine vibe. It's like there is something on, a new phenomenon and you have to chance upon it by discovery."

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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