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By Sumantha Rathore , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | May 07, 2012
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Titled Caravan Style and Living (CSL), the magazine will be distributed along with The Caravan.

The Caravan magazine, the narrative style journalism title by Delhi Press, has launched a new supplement, Caravan Style and Living (CSL), to be distributed along with the main magazine.

In the first year (2012), the group plans to come out with two issues of CSL - first in May and the next edition in October, 2012. In 2013, the magazine will turn quarterly and will continue to be distributed along with The Caravan. However, going forward, the Delhi Press aims to make it a standalone magazine.

Caravan Style and Living (CSL)

The content mix of CSL will take a critical look at fashion, assessing both its intrinsic aesthetic value as well as its place in a larger historical and cultural context. The essence of the magazine will be to narrate stories on style, fashion, design and living from India and around the world.

Talking to afaqs!, Anant Nath, director, Delhi Press and managing editor, The Caravan, says, "Our aim is to indulge in all aspects of style and fashion, in a way that is both entertaining and sophisticated. The magazine will be resolutely modern, setting the tone for the most up to date trends, while being vigilant to the historical and cultural meanings behind a story. The essence of CSL is nuanced reporting and refined storytelling, which are the cornerstones of The Caravan's style of writing. Just as The Caravan does it for politics, art and culture, CSL will aim to open new frontiers in design and high quality imagery approaching style, fashion, travel and design through a cultural prism, narrating stories as critics and storytellers."

Caravan Style and Living will have a print run of about 42,000 copies, similar to that of The Caravan.

Anant Nath

Speaking on the reason behind the launch, Nath says, "The Caravan readers are style conscious, with a discerning approach to fashion and living. Currently, most fashion magazines in India emphasise the bold, glossy and more playful side of fashion, with less room for narrative journalism as we understand it. They scarcely narrate the story behind style, or talk about the finer nuances of refined living. For the discerning and intelligent fashionista, there is a dearth of good writing on style and living. CSL is an endeavour to fill this gap."

The inaugural issue has 94 pages, out of which 21 pages are advertisements from brands such as Breguet, Harry Winston, Corum, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bose, Lavazza and Fossil.

The cover story of the first issue of CSL features Salma Hayek, the Hollywood actress who is married to a French billionaire and now lives in Paris. While on the set of a fashion shoot, Hayek talks about her everyday life as a housewife, and what it's like to be married to the world's best wardrobe. Also in the inaugural issue is a story on how an Indian fashion designer created a piece of haute couture inspired by a Rajput cultural heritage; how the release of one movie in 2001 changed the face of fashion in Bollywood - and where it's come since; the art of travel as expressed by Louis Vuitton's iconic photographer Jean Larivière; a photo essay that takes the readers behind the making of two great fashion houses - Chanel and Gucci; as well as a peek into the world of Delhi's five star socialites.

CSL is targeted at the intelligent, chic and style-discerning audience, providing a thoughtful look into the world of fashion, luxury, design, living and travel.

For the record, The Caravan was re-launched in January, 2010.

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