Ad volumes have dropped substantially in IPL Season 5: Percept study

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | May 09, 2012
The analytical study by Percept Media reveals that the ad volumes for IPL Season 5 have decreased by 19 per cent, compared to IPL 4, which in turn dropped substantially from IPL 3.

With a substantial increase in the ad rates of the 10-second slot during the IPL matches, a sizeable ad volume and the number of advertisers have decreased in the fifth season of the tournament.

As per an analytical study released by Percept Media, the ad volume of IPL 5 has decreased by about 19 per cent, as compared to that of IPL 4, while the number of advertisers, too, has gone down by 41 per cent. Though the specific reasons could not be gauged by the study, it surely includes the substantial increase in the ad rates.

During IPL 4, a single 10-second slot was sold for about Rs 4.5 lakh. The rate has increased by about 12-13 per cent to about Rs 5.1 lakh.

Another reason for this may be the fact that the other properties on television deliver a better ROI than IPL and hence the advertisers are inclined to choose those.

It must also be noted that IPL 3 witnessed the highest growth in the number of advertisers (increase of 21 per cent over IPL 2) and the ad volumes (increase of 22 per cent over IPL 2).

The study also calculated the mood of the audience before and during the IPL season. The study says that the mood of the viewers remained at similar levels before and during the IPL season. Also, it revealed that about 60 per cent people will miss IPL with the same rigour.

The study also revealed that for viewers (male, 15+ in SEC AB markets), the average GRPs per match have marginally dropped from that of IPL 4 (45 GRPS in IPL 4 to about 32 GRPs in IPL 5).

Meanwhile, the study compared the performance of general entertainment channels (GECs) and movie channels with the IPL broadcaster, SET Max, during IPL Season 5.

It confirmed that GECs are slowly reinstating their female viewership, despite IPL being on air. While for males (SEC AB, 15+), the average channel share of SET Max remained about 20 per cent since IPL 4, it has dropped to as low as 6 per cent for females (SEC ABC 15+) for the first three weeks of IPL Season 5.

First Published : September 25, 2014 10:34 AM
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