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AdIquity has been brought on board in addition to Oneindia's sales force, which will remain the portal's first priority when it comes to selling inventory.

Online portal has partnered with AdIquity to monetise and manage its global inventory for its mobile properties spanning categories such as cricket, lifestyle, travel, health and auto, among others.

Bengaluru-based AdIquity, a part of, will enable to create targeted campaigns for its premium direct advertisers, while providing rich advertiser insights through intuitive reports.

Sriram Hebbar

Talking to afaqs!, Sriram Hebbar, chief executive officer, says that the company used Google AdSense on mobile when it was smaller, with 3-5 million page views. Having grown in size with around 15 million views on WAP and 25 million on its app, Oneindia felt the need for a dedicated mobile ads optimisation company like AdIquity.

"After a bit of research, we found that it has its own ad server, a real-time exchange and also works with multiple ad networks. With AdIquity, we find that our impressions will not get wasted and the value of impressions will rise," Hebbar says.

" is a premium online portal in India with a global user base. We were looking at a one-stop solution that will allow us to better serve our premium direct advertisers in India as well as monetise a very diverse global user base with ease. AdIquity Plus is helping us do that very effectively," he adds.

AdIquity Plus is a solution that is a combination of mobile ad-server, ad-optimisation, RTB (real-time bidding) exchange and ad-network mediation to better serve mobile publishers to implement mobile monetisation strategies.

AdIquity recently launched its RTB exchange that will let publishers create a mini marketplace and sell their mobile traffic to demand-side platforms, ad networks, direct advertisers and agencies.

"AdIquity provides a one stop solution with our ad serving platform, tie ups with multiple ad networks and RTB exchange. From a publisher's point of view, was looking at the entire gamut when it came to mobile monetisation and we fit the bill well," says Anurag Dod, chief executive officer, AdIquity Mobile Ads. already has its own sales force selling inventory and bringing on board AdIquity will be in addition to it. The latter will sell the unsold inventory, informs Hebbar.

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