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By Nisha Menon , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital | May 31, 2012
The website is being promoted as a social broadcast and entertainment solutions portal that allows users to create play lists to be broadcast on its radio channel., a social broadcast and entertainment solutions portal that allows users to create content to be broadcast on its radio channel, has been launched in India. The portal offers social networking, online communications and entertainment across TV, radio and a games station on the same platform.

Claiming to be India's first and only free digital TV showcasing national and international channels and radio stations, and games (both national and international), LazyCounty is also accessible through any mobile device enabled with basic GPRS connectivity.

Ankur Sachdev

Advertising, in line with the industry trends, will be the major contributor in revenues. Localised deals and merchandising will also play a huge part in the forecasted revenue stream.

Commenting on the reason behind the launch of the platform, Ankur Sachdev, CEO, LazyCounty, says, "The latent need of a user on the move searching for ways of information and entertainment is the primary reason behind this platform. Also, the basic laziness of an individual to go through the trouble to search multiple web links to find one channel of his choice works in our favour and hence this concept was developed."

He adds, "Ours is a platform where a billion mobile internet users (GSM/CDMA) across the world, apart from 381.40 million in India, can combine the power of mobility with that of digital TV, radio and games. We aim to entertain at least 100 million subscribers over the next two years."

LazyCounty's 'Hear Me Out' application allows users to create their own playlists to be broadcast at selected time slots on its radio station by uploading audio tracks of their choice. Users need to register on the portal to get time slots during which he/she can broadcast the chosen tracks. Users can also earn money by monetising the advertisement placed in between the radio tracks. The revenue earned through these ads will be shared between the user and website on a set percentage basis.

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