Countdown to Cannes 2012: BBH bats for Google Chrome, World Gold Council, Movies Now, Vat 69 and Vaseline

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Last updated : June 12, 2012
It's action time for BBH. The agency is pretty confident about its creation for Google Chrome, World Gold Council, Movies Now, Vat 69 and Vaseline.

BBH harbours high hopes for its creations for Google Chrome, World Gold Council, Movies Now, Vat 69 and Vaseline. Rusell Barett, managing partner, BBH India says, "Winning at Cannes is like getting a lottery. It is difficult to predict what the jury will like. But yes, you can say that we're very hopeful about our work for these four brands. This is our best work."

Submitted in the Film category, the television campaign for the World Gold Council shows a mother-in-law talking to her daughter-in-law. It's the festive season, and the older lady tells her daughter-in-law that she would like to gift her something special and expensive -- a gift received from her husband on their 10th Diwali together. The happy daughter-in-law expects something very special, but to her dismay gets an old and battered television set. A voiceover then says that had her husband invested in gold 10 years ago, the mother-in-law could have gifted gold jewellery to her daughter-in-law, and would have helped create a better relationship. Towards the end, the voiceover asks viewers to invest in gold during Diwali, as it is a better investment for relationships.

At a time when most other jewellery ads have always talked to the woman and appealed to her instinctive or impulsive side, this TVC used the male lens to view Diwali purchases and subtly ended with gold's traditional appeal. It asked people to consider the longevity of their Diwali purchases in a funny way.

The second television campaign is for Google Chrome, titled 'Tanjore Paintings' entered in the Films category. It saw the internet giant presenting a unique side of its browser. The film, which is a part of Google's global campaign 'The web is what you make of it', shows the story of the South India-based artist, who specialises in the dying art of Tanjore painting. This particular art dates back to about 1600 AD and is known for its use of vivid colours and compact composition. The themes of most of these paintings are Hindu gods and goddesses, as well as saints.

The TVC shows how the artist sets up an online shop for his painting, and with the help of Google Adwords, is able to find buyers, reviving an art form which was gradually losing its place in the world.

The VAT 69 campaign entered in the Internet Film category includes bold, provocative films which in a wicked way encouraged the man of today to take the bull by the horns.

The agency's work for Vaseline, called 'Vaseline's Vs. Mr. Vaughan' has been submitted in two categories, Press and Public Relation (PR). The press ad and the subsequent activity made an age-old brand like Vaseline truly new age in its response and its message.

Reacting to the controversial statement made by Michael Vaughan on Twitter on how Indian cricketer VVS Laxman might have used Vaseline on the edge of his bat, the agency came out with a press ad, where an old and battered cricket bat is shown with a big, red cross mark on it. The image is backed with the message, 'Mr Vaughan, Vaseline is not used on cricket bats'.

Last but not the least is the creation for Movies Now, submitted in the Design category. The English movie channel was going to have a Charlie Chaplin festival. The task was to not only create an identity for the movie festival but also attract large viewership for the four films that the channel intended to air. Titled 'Chaplin Chapters', the agency thus created logos inspired by Chaplin's popular bowler hat and moustache for each film to reflect the plot.

First Published : June 12, 2012
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