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afaqs! Campus launches The Curious Digital Marketer

The first book from the stable is a compilation of more than 101 frequently asked questions which marketers ask digital media planners. Eighteen digital media professionals from 14 digital media companies have contributed to the book.

The Curious Marketer

Paying heed to what most marketers ask media planners while deriving effectiveness in digital marketing, afaqs! Campus, the knowledge and training arm of, has launched a book answering all the questions. The Curious Digital Marketer is a must-have handbook for anybody who is or wants to dabble in digital marketing. Divided into sections like Digital Media Planning and Buying, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Mobile Advertising, the book has contributions of 18 digital media professionals from 14 leading digital media companies.

The author of The Curious Digital Marketer is Kapil Ohri, head, afaqs! Campus, while the co-authors are Anurag Singh, chief operating officer, AD2C; Advit Sachdev, founder, Odigma; Ansoo Gupta, global head of business, Pinstorm; Abhishek Punia, associate media director, Interactive Avenues; Atul Soni, director, invention, Mindshare, GroupM; Benedict Hayes, vice-president (strategy), Communicate2; Chanmeet Singh, social media manager, Webitude; Deepak Sharma, associate media director, Neo@Ogilvy; Geetanjali Anderson, group head (media and search), Media2Win; Himanshu Arora, senior business group head, Isobar; Harish Iyer, media group head, Interactive Avenues; Maninder Pal Singh, media director (digital), Lintas Media Group; Raghu Seelamsetty, managing director (India, West Asia and North Africa), MediaMind; Ronny Raichura, head (search and analytics), Communicate2; Sairam Ranganathan, client lead (digital), Maxus; Tanushree Radhakrishnan, media director, Zed Digital; and Vishal Jacob, senior director (digital), Maxus.

Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Shailendra Katiyal
Kapil Ohri

Unny Radhakrishnan, national director, India (digital), Maxus Global and Preetham Venkky, business head, KRDS India are the special contributors to the book.

Some of the key questions answered by the experts of the trade are: 'What are the different ways through which ad inventory can be bought online?', 'What factors do media planners consider when selecting publishers for a particular campaign?', 'How can I ensure my site ranks high in the organic search listing?', 'How is ad inventory bought on Facebook?', 'How can I target fans on Facebook?', 'How do I build an app for my campaign?' and 'What are quick response (QR) codes and how can they be best utilised?'.

Commenting on the book, its importance and its timely launch, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder,, says, "I have always believed that a marketer needs all the help he can get to stay clued in to the evolving digital medium. This book is a great beginning towards that end from afaqs! Campus. I particularly appreciate the idea behind getting some of the leading professionals on the buy and the sell side of digital media to field the most common questions marketers would have, before plunging in."

"The timing of this book is opportune and the title says it all, where there are a lot of questions and much interest in the medium. The onus lies on the specialists to handhold marketers in this brave new world of marketing and this handbook will go a long way to address some frequent doubts and questions on the digital medium," says Shailendra Katiyal, director, marketing, Lenovo India.

Explaining the germination of the idea of the book, Kapil Ohri, head, afaqs! Campus, says, "The idea of the book emerged when we started speaking to digital media planners to understand the questions posed to them by clients and marketers. The response from these digital media experts convinced us about the need for the book, which would be of great value to anyone looking for a digital media marketing strategy."

afaqs! Campus has been successfully conducting various training programmes on online marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and analytics, brand building and media and communication channel planning.

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