Cannes 2012: 'It's time to choose to live in a world of co-operation or constant conflict': Bill Clinton

By , Seminars, Cannes | In Advertising | June 22, 2012
At the 59th International Festival of Creativity, former President of United States, Bill Clinton stressed on the urgent need for the human race to come together to work in collaboration with each other, rather than living a life full of conflict.

A festival is about celebration, people and surprises. Day 5 of the International Festival of Creativity surprised everybody as former United States President, Bill Clinton took the stage. Clinton, who spends most of his time in social work, emphasised on the need for the people of this world to come together and work in a collaborative manner, and create a harmonious environment rather than living in a world full of conflict.

Bill Clinton

"As people of this world, we need to come together for various causes and by this, I do not say that come together on the cyber world, or try to find a solution through social network sites. What I mean is that people will have to participate and get involved in the political system," he said.

He added that if in the future people want their world to grow, then they need to learn the art of sharing responsibilities. Rich countries can help poor countries and together, countries can find solutions to help each other.

"And, while different perspectives make life interesting, there has to be a common goal to achieve," he remarked.

Speaking on the current economic situation, he stated that while a bit of instability is fine for normal life, too much instability leaves no space for growth. It can scare people, like it did in Greece, which is going through a rough economic situation.

Interestingly, he supported the idea of immigration and said, "There should be free flow of people from one country to another and when a person wants to return to his own country, he should be allowed to do that as well. The entry of new workers will allow people to collaborate."

According to Clinton, for any country to grow and develop, it should have good access to the internet and the government should set funds aside to help medium scale business to flourish. Then, it can allow steady flow of labour, which will minimise the chance of any conflict.

He further urged the advertising industry to come together with 'Big ideas' that will not only change the life of people but also make them move towards one direction, with one common goal.

At the end, he stressed on the need to share in order to create a sustainable environment.

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