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It's smoking!

A 3D replica of a rocket is placed on a 30X20 feet hoarding with a smoke machine fitted into it to showcase that the rocket has ripped off the hoarding and is ready to take off.


Tata Docomo has created a 3D replica of a rocket on a hoarding, with original smoke coming out, to promote its Smart Life Plan, which offers 3G services at a much lower rate. The plan offers talk time of Rs 219 against a recharge of Rs 246, and on an additional recharge of Rs 4, 1GB of 3G data download is provided.

To grab maximum attention on this offer, the brand has executed a 30X20 feet innovative hoarding at Shastri Bridge, Indore, in which a 3D replica of a rocket measuring 18X5 feet is placed on a hoarding to signify the internet speed and the on-the-move lifestyle of today's youth. To generate impact, a smoke machine is fitted right behind the rocket on the hoarding, giving it a real 'take-off' feel. The smoke machine actually generates smoke over the hoarding and gives the impression of the rocket ripping-off the hoarding, ready to take-off.

Imtiyaz Vilatra

Imtiyaz Vilatra, founder member and managing partner, Milestone Brandcom, says, "Based on the brief of the client to create a larger than life OOH creative to have a larger impact, we created a 3D rocket. Creating the correct shape of the rocket was a big challenge, as well as the weather conditions as the hoarding was placed at a height. A special round shaped mould was created to give a look of the rocket and to support it against the wind. Time was also a big constraint as we have created it overnight."

The innovation was executed by OOH agency Milestone Brandcom in the last week of June and will continue for one month.

Commenting about the OOH idea, a Tata Teleservices spokesperson says, "Outdoor is a reminder media so we decided to boost impact levels and do something clutter-breaking. The idea was to give it a real rocket-launch feel and we hit upon the idea of fitting a smoke machine to bring a real life experience. To give it a take-off feel, we even created a rip-off effect that gave the 3D cut out a dynamic look."

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