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The pitch process, which is in the initial stage, is currently underway in Bengaluru.

A year after setting the shop in order, the direct-to-consumer internet radio platform is on the lookout for a digital creative as well as a public relations (PR) partner. The pitch process, which is an initial stage, is currently underway in Bengaluru.

Anil Srivatsa

Anil Srivatsa, CEO and co-founder of Radiowalla Network, says, "We are a rapidly growing company that has worked very hard for the last one year to gain its position in the market as a leader and now it's time to find a creative and PR partner who will take us to the next level. We are on the verge of being industry disruptive and we need a partner who enjoys doing just that."

As part of the brief, the one year old network is on the hunt for the right brand identity and market positioning, in order to take the brand forward.

"We know there is a cost to creativity but we also know that opportunities like this come few and far between, where creativity can be a challenge. We seek an agency that can rise up to this challenge - creatively and financially. We want an agency that will look at the scope of this opportunity to create the best digital campaign ever, and grow with us in the long haul," says Harry Bhatia, co-founder, Radiowalla Network.

In May this year, the network had roped in Aidem Ventures to handle service sales and ad-sales for both SpotRadio and Radiowalla.

The company recently launched its platform on and is set to launch its phone apps for GPRS-enabled smartphone consumers.

For the record, Radiowalla Network is a start-up with two services - SpotRadio and Radiowalla. While SpotRadio is an in-store radio solutions product which was launched in August 2011, is the network's direct-to-consumer audio platform. The platform will initially offer 30+ streaming audio channels (music and non-music content) for netizens worldwide.

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