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Last updated : July 16, 2012
Branded Captcha player NLPCaptcha takes its offering to the next level, introducing Captchas that require no typing on the part of the user but plays on the principle of action.

Ever found those verification procedures wherein you are required to type a set of distorted letters that appear on your screen, irritating and distracting? Captchas, as they are commonly known, are tests - a spam verification tool used to ensure that the user is a person.

A traditional Captcha

NLPCaptcha, a Captcha-based advertising platform by Noida-based Simpli5d Technologies launched earlier this year, attempts to monetise the tool, incorporating brand messages in Captchas, rather than offering the traditional type-in model for advertisers and publishers.

Besides the above mentioned opportunity, NLPCaptcha has pushed the envelope, introducing its new line of action-based Captchas - 'N-Gage'. The new format attempts to turn the tool that is often seen as a security nuisance into a fun activity for the user.

The N-Gage line of Captchas follows a different format for spam verification. Rather than a traditional type-in Captcha, wherein a user has to first interpret the tricky, distorted alphabets and then type them in for verification, N-Gage plays on the principle of action. The user will see an interactive graphic/video in the Captcha. The user is then required to perform a specific action - click on something in the Captcha or drag the cursor. This action completes the verification process and the user gets a chance to experience product communication, which the advertiser wants to convey.

Amit Mittal

Explaining the advantages of N-Gage, Amit Mittal, co-founder, NLPCaptcha, says, "Effective user engagement is the key to long lasting, positive brand recall and N-Gage Captchas provide a perfect platform for the same. It helps the advertisers to actually and truly engage with their target customers. We have already filed a patent for these new format of Captchas and with the digital advertisement space growing at a rapid pace, I am sure NLPCaptcha is set to garner a substantial pie of these digital spends."

According to NLPCaptcha, besides being a pleasing user experience and a unique platform for consumer engagement, the technology also provides for much more secure and stronger spam verification.

The company has recently launched a campaign based on the aforementioned idea for Reliance 3G, wherein the user is required to click on a moving Blue Bot in the Captcha to complete verification (Demo link:

While working with publishers and brands such as Toyota, Aircel, Lufthansa, Indian Express Group, India Today Group and Times Group, among others, Mittal is confident that the technology will catch on and looks good to change how the Captcha space operates.

First Published : July 16, 2012
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