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Last updated : August 21, 2012
The TVC draws inspiration from Indian mythology - wherein Lord Brahma is the creator of the world. For the campaign, the brand relies on a sutradhar projected as the Saundarya Premi aka the 'Beauty lover', who teaches the definition of beauty and how to beautify things.

Taking a cue from the famous phrase 'Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder', the new campaign from Greenlam laminates revolves around the central idea of making the surroundings beautiful. For the campaign, the brand uses a sutradhar, a 'Saundarya Premi' projected as a lover of beauty, who teaches the definition of beauty and how to beautify things around one.

Conceptualised by McCann Erickson, the television commercial (TVC) runs through the various concepts of the Saundarya Premi who makes things look beautiful and is responsible for making the world a beautiful place. As he is shown transforming many ugly buildings and even the nests of birds, the TVC is backed by a song, 'Saundarya premi.. zamaane ko sajaavan chala.. Sabko beautiful banavan chala.'

But looking into the future, his disciple gets worried that the home interiors will be raw and ugly. It is then that the Saundarya Premi creates connect with Greenlam laminates and says that in the future, Greenlam laminates will make the world a beautiful place. The TVC ends with the message, 'Greenlam laminates, zamaane ko sajaane chala'.

Alex Joseph

Prasoon Joshi

Alex Joseph, vice-president, marketing and communications, Greenply Industries, says, "All our campaigns have always focused on the brand's proposition of creating a beautiful world. Laminates bring aesthetic beauty to the interiors, whether it is an office or a home. With this campaign, we try to show a make-believe situation where the world becomes a beautiful place thanks to the Saundarya Premi and his love for beauty, and how, going forward, Greenlam laminates will take up the task set up by the Saundarya Premi."

Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman and CEO, McCann Worldgroup India and president, South Asia, says, "The campaign revolves around the core theme of how Greenlam laminates makes everything beautiful. The idea draws its inspiration from our very own mythology, where Lord Brahma is known as the creator of the world; here, we have this man as the creator of beautiful surroundings. Beauty is his motto and that is what he wants out of his life."

Interestingly, for the jingle in the backdrop, Joshi created a new language only to add a dash of humour. "After the last commercial about how an old man was spellbound by the beauty of Greenlam laminates and changed his religion to Christianity so that he could be buried in a coffin made of laminates, I felt like having a bit of fun. Everything from the character to the ambience, and the language and manner of his speech was created to bring wittiness to the commercial," adds Joshi.

The campaign is currently on air across various television channels. In addition to the TVC, the company will roll out an out of home campaign across 23 cities and also launch a digital campaign.

A bit of everything

Soumitra Karnik

Naresh Gupta

Industry experts are left divided in their opinion. While one lot calls the TVC a masterpiece, another side feels it is a letdown in terms of concept.

Soumitra Karnik, national creative director, Dentsu India, remarks, "The very first thought that came after watching this ad was a big 'why?' I am a big fan of disruptive execution and all the bravado that comes along with it but I found the idea of the script itself quite random and meaningless. Having said that, the 'zamaane ko sajaana hai' idea has a nice feel. I do not find the 'what's-his-name-again man' either credible or interesting. Why is the mood so 'dukhi' in the film? Why is he so pasty-faced? Coming from a hugely talented team which gave the world that exquisite Happydent commercial, it is a bit disappointing."

Providing a planner's perspective, Naresh Gupta, managing partner, Bang in the Middle, says that it is a fantastic commercial. "There are so many things going for the commercial at multiple levels. The crafting and the look are 'beautiful'. The beauty man and its takeoff on Kishore Kumar look outstanding. The whole promise of beauty and integration of the brand's message in the TVC is really nice," he adds.

According to him, the TVC could have fallen flat on many levels - role of product, overtly showing the range of finish and shades, and many more. "I am glad that the brand was brave enough to rise above the formula. Creative should be a weapon in the marketing arsenal of a brand, and this one is," remarks Gupta.

First Published : August 21, 2012
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