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Last updated : September 10, 2012
Greenlam's Saundarya Premi campaign takes its concept of beautifying the world to all media, from television to outdoor, radio and on-ground route.

'Saundarya Premi - the beauty lover' who is in love with beauty and believes that everything in this world can be beautified, has stepped out of television to beautify the world. Extending the concept of beautification with Greenlam Laminates, the laminate brand from Greenply Industries has spread its promotional wings to outdoor, radio and on-ground media.

In the outdoor campaign, the creatives are an extension of the television commercial. The outdoor creatives feature cut-outs the protagonist, Saundarya Premi, placed in an interesting manner to grab eyeballs. In some of the hoardings, the character cut-out is placed in the middle of two billboards, while in others he is shown peeping out of the billboard from behind after decorating it.

Interestingly, one of the billboards has been decorated with flowers to highlight the 'beauty' factor of the campaign. The creative is beautifully decorated with flowers in various colours. The logo of the brand with the tagline, 'Zamaane Ko Sajaana hai', is also featured on the hoarding.

Out of home agency DDB MudraMax has executed the campaign across Delhi and Mumbai.

The client brief to the agency was to take prime sites in the city and gain visibility at key areas after every two kilometres to create a larger than life impact of the campaign with limited spends. Seventy per cent of the campaign also had to be innovative.

Mandeep Malhotra, president, DDB MudraMax, says, "It's a delight for any agency to work on brands which are innovative and believe in doing quality yet cost effective campaigns. We mapped certain key areas and took sites after every two kilometres. Clusters were created in areas such as Worli Sea Link and Bandra Linking Road to give the campaign an omnipresent feel. I am sure we will set a benchmark with this campaign and will strengthen our relationship in the time to come."

The campaign covered an assortment of formats ranging from billboards to pole kiosks, with a specific purpose for each medium. If billboards worked to give the campaign a premium feel, pole kiosks worked as a supportive medium. The corridors and pole kiosk stretches provided an opportunity to play with different creatives.

The major challenges, apart from operational glitches, were because of weather conditions. In Delhi, it started pouring on the days when the campaign had to go up. In Mumbai, the sites at Worli Sea Link and Bandra Rail over bridge saw tremendous wind pressure, making it difficult to support the cut-outs in the flower décor innovation.

Mandeep Malhotra

Alex Joseph

Saundarya Premi, the beauty lover, went ahead to beautify other media as well. The concept was taken to radio, where Saundarya Premi was introduced to the listeners of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Listeners were surprised when they heard RJs talking about the Taj Mahal being presented in their city.

The surprise was a part of a month-long radio campaign that involved on-air and off-air activities. The campaign was introduced in a phased manner, with teaser spots and RJ mentions in the first week to create buzz about the Taj Mahal being in the city. In the second week, Saundarya Premi was introduced as a beauty lover who touches various places with his blessings - Saundaryastha Bhawa - to make them beautiful.

The radio campaign was connected to an on-ground activity which was based on the concept that the Taj Mahal, which has always been associated with white, could be beautified with colourful Greenlam laminates. On September 1 and 2, Saundarya Premi invited listeners to decorate the Taj Mahal in their city.

As a part of the activity, an LCD was arranged with a Greenlam Laminate palette, wherein only the outline of the monument was marked. The task was to decorate the Taj Mahal with a wide range of Greenlam laminates. The pictures of the creations were uploaded on the Facebook pages of Greenlam and Red FM, inviting people to vote. In the third week, the winner was selected and the creativity was showcased on a large screen at the same locations where the activity was organised.

The activity was organised across various malls of cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai.

The campaign will conclude with another contest that is on-air, and tests listeners on the creativity quotient. In it, listeners are invited to call in and talk about their relatives or family members who are beauty freaks.

Speaking about the radio campaign, Alex Joseph, vice-president, marketing and communication, Greenply Industries, says, "Greenlam's marketing campaigns have always been clutter breaking and have enjoyed a high recall among the audience. This time again we give our audience a reason to be in awe, with our innovative 360 degree Saundarya Premi campaign. Within this, we have launched our four week radio campaign which has already created a buzz among listeners in the first week itself."

First Published : September 10, 2012
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