Fiama Di Wills sets hair trend online

By Jhumur Nandi , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | October 03, 2012
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As soon as the tweets about the event crossed the 15 mark, the cover image of Fiama's Facebook page was automatically updated with the latest look.

ITC's personal care brand Fiama Di Wills recently undertook a unique initiative to engage its audience online. For the initiative, it integrated an event and the number of tweets about it to the Facebook page of the brand, creating interest and buzz around the event which also spread to the digital medium.

Fiama's Facebook page

The brand, in association with Cosmopolitan magazine and Harper's Bazaar, organised an event on September 29 in New Delhi to come up with the six latest hair trends. Three eminent socialites and three models participated in the event to showcase the style and hair looks.

The integration between Facebook and Twitter was a part of the digital extension for the event. The interesting part of the digital activity was that the personal care brand unveiled the hair trends of the season through live tweeting about the event, which changed the cover image of the Fiama Di Wills Facebook page, live.

To launch the campaign, Fiama Di Wills invited a mixed section of bloggers, photographers and social celebrities alike to take part in the launch of its hottest hair trends. They were asked to tweet with the hashtag #Fiamafabhair as and when a new look was unveiled, and as soon as the tweets crossed the 15 mark, the cover image of Fiama's Facebook page was automatically updated with the latest look. The campaign was launched on September 29 and was live for the three-hour duration of the event.

"We are very happy to announce that we worked with Interactive Avenues for Fiama Di Wills to unveil world's first Facebook Cover, dynamically updated depending on a specific number of tweets, which was the first dynamic Facebook Cover as well in India. The number of tweets including a specific hashtag during the event progressively revealed, in 12 steps, the six trendsetting hairstyles of the upcoming season," says Steve Oziel, chief technical officer, Le Grand Studio.

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