ICICI Bank: Unexpected rewards

By Ashwini Gangal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | October 23, 2012
Taking the 'Khayal Aapka' thought forward, ICICI Bank rolls out a new film to promote its 'My Savings Rewards' programme.

ICICI Bank has rolled out a new ad campaign to launch its 'My Savings Rewards' programme. The communication aims to convey the product proposition of unexpected rewards on savings account transactions. The campaign falls under the broad thought, 'Khayal Aapka'.

The brief given to Ogilvy Mumbai, the creative agency that has worked on this campaign, was to launch a unique savings account programme where ICICI Bank rewards its customers for making various savings account transactions.

Abhijit Avasthi, national creative director, Ogilvy India informs that the 'Khayal Aapka' brand promise has been well received by consumers. "This particular programme allowed us to leverage it best through our communication," he says.

Pradyumna Chauhan, group creative head, Ogilvy India, adds, "Most ads peddle so much information all the time. It's nice to tell a simple story for a change. It also suited the brand's key positioning beautifully."

Abhijit Avasthi

Pradyumna Chauhan

The team claims it took efforts worth several months and detailing to put the film together. "In the end, we do have a simple, touching film," says Mahesh Gharat, group creative head, Ogilvy India.

The production house is Corcoise Films. The ad was directed by Prasoon Pandey. The campaign includes a TVC supported by press and outdoor communications.

Rewarding campaign?

While the creative execution is being appreciated across disciplines, experts express their doubts about whether the message the ad tries to convey will be received successfully.

Dhiren Amin, group planning director, McCann Erickson, says, "The execution is quite endearing. It's got a level of warmth and an element of surprise, which makes for enjoyable viewing. The commercial is very endearing and is true to the bank's positioning."

Amin, however, adds, "What I am not entirely sure about is whether it will deliver the message -- 'Unexpected rewards from enrolling for a savings account'. If the intent is to recruit customers for savings accounts, I am not sure that job will be entirely done. People may leave with the belief that ICICI bank is giving out 'unexpected rewards'."

Some brand experts point out that this is not a new creative route; several brands have used kids in commercials, especially when the product benefit being communicated is connected to returns, rewards or 'getting more' of something in some way. Does this tactic work for ICICI in this ad? Strangely, yes.

Dhiren Amin

Vivek Rao

As Vivek Rao, executive creative director, Publicis Ambience, puts it, "The fact is, 'Pester Power' is never really going to take a backseat in Indian advertising. Using children in ads does seem to offer marketers a safety net."

While Rao feels the communication will gain popularity, he opines the message might not come through that easily. "Given that ICICI does generally put reasonably heavy spends behind its ads, this would be one of those commercials that people would see a few times and hence help the message gain traction. Whether they do pick up the key message of 'reward points with your savings account bank' is going to be a question mark since just about everyone talks about getting more, doing more, being more, and the like," he says.

Particularly about the execution, he adds, "I think the jingle is sweet and the 'Spartan hilly region' feel does tend to instantly give it a nice, old world charm. It is also nice to see that apart from the amber-coloured sweater on the child, there wasn't the usual 'in-your-face' branding that one typically associates with ICICI's various organisations. It does feel like a 'safe' commercial and my guess is that there must have been a few scripts presented which were more edgy."

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