Reading Room: I don't intend to publish the book that I am writing: Suniil Punjabi

By Raushni Bhagia , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing
Last updated : November 02, 2012
Suniil Punjabi, business head, AXN India loves reading books based on reality, truth and destination.

Currently I am reading the newly launched book, Unhooked by Munmun Ghosh. It is tough to describe the genre of the book, but I still would like to place it in the 'reality' section.

Suniil Punjabi

Unhooked is a story about the modern day woman. It is a journey of single living in the social change which India is growing through. The reason I personally connect with this book is because I have seen 'social change' happening in India closely for the last decade. I have been an integral part of the retail and real estate change in India through my previous stints at various entertainment companies. India is going through a 'social change' and the primary reason for this change has been the change in the employment structure in the country.

This 'migratory population' had led to a lot of singles now handling their life individually. They are out of the social circle of their parents or families, living singularly.

Apart from this book, my favourite genre is reality, truth and destination. As a person, I like real things, and professionally, I like to understand changes and the reason behind the changes in the society.

I like to read books for what they are, and personally don't have any particular favourites. The key take away is important rather than the book or its author. However, I have enjoyed reading Catch 22 by the American author Joseph Heller. The book is set during the Second World War and it gives a third person point of view through different characters.

I also loved reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The book deals with the issues of practicality and spirituality from an early age. The next book in my reading list is that I am writing. The title is Life on Square Wheels, though I don't intend to get it published.

First Published : November 02, 2012

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