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Opera launches Opera 12.10 for desktops

The new browser has added speed dial extension for better access to content on the internet.

Opera has launched its final version of Opera 12.10 with better extensions to give browsers a completely personalised experience from the word go. The new browser, combined with Opera's Speed Dial, enables easy navigation to favourite sites and provides shortcuts for faster and easier access to content.


The latest version enables the user to keep abreast with all the developments in specific areas of interest, such as Facebook, Twitter, business, lifestyle and others.

Opera 12.10 has increased compatibility with Macs. It offers better support to the Notification Center in the latest MacOS X version and is more compatible with the Retina Screen in the newer Macs.

The last version of Opera 12.10 offers the SPDY protocol to support and secure connections. The WebSocket API turns on by default and is completely supported in the latest browser.

The new browser also supports ICC colour profiles and colour management and offers basic touch support to Windows 8.

Opera Turbo still works well with slow internet speeds.

Opera Software was founded in 1994, based on the idea that access to the web should be a universal right. Nearly 275 million people use the Opera web browsers.

Opera also delivers tools, distribution, engagement, monetisation and market insights to developers, publishers and brands around the world.

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