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H&R Johnson adopts single brand identity

About 2-3 per cent of revenues will be earmarked for the marketing campaign.

Prism Cement
Vijay Aggarwal

H&R Johnson (India), a division of Prism Cement Limited and a pioneer of ceramic tiles in the country, will consolidate all its existing brands under its flagship brand identity, 'Johnson'.

All its existing tile brands and product lines, including Marbonite and Endura, will henceforth be attached to the flagship brand identity. They will be re-branded as Johnson Marbonite and Johnson Endura, respectively.

The 'One Brand Strategy' will enable the company to engage its corporate project clients and the marketplace with a single brand throughout the Indian sub-continent. H&R Johnson has a huge network of more than 12,000 dealers, 15,000 sub-dealers and more than 54 modern retail stores, along with several franchisee retail operations.

Vijay Aggarwal, managing director, Prism Cement, says, "Over the last 10-15 years, the consumer's awareness in home lifestyle has increased. Information sources have multiplied and the same consumer takes informed decisions even before entering the retail store. This has necessitated convergence of multiple brand identities to offer a unified promise. We aim to target the consumer through a unified force of product line innovations."

Over the last few years, H&R Johnson (India) has diversified into various other home solutions businesses like Johnson bathroom products, Johnson Cristal (engineered marble and quartz), Johnson Kitchens (modular kitchens) and Johnson Woodenza (wooden flooring).

The company has launched a 360 degree marketing campaign to establish the unified identity in the domestic market. It will spend 2-3 per cent of its revenue on this campaign.

Media communication of the unified identity will be communicated largely through above the line, below the line and e-marketing initiatives, including social media activations.

The social media campaigns will aim to attract new audiences through conversations and community building measures. The company also aims to tap into customer insights through its social initiatives for CRM as well as new product development.

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