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By Raushni Bhagia , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing
Last updated : February 01, 2013
AXN continues to top genre, Zee Café comes in at No 2 while FX grows dramatically to take third place.

While it was expected that niche genres would gain due to digitisation, the English GEC genre has managed to do that in spite of the exit of an important player.

Although a relatively strong player in the genre with average GRPs of 1.01 (Week 33-43), BBC Entertainment shut shop in the Indian market in November, 2012.


Zee Café


Star World

Big CBS Love

Comedy Central

Fox Crime

Big CBS Prime

The English GEC genre has nevertheless seen a growth of close to 0.04 percentage points, with a current genre share of 0.29 per cent in Week 4 of 2013 (C&S 25+, All India 1mn+). However, pre-DAS (Digitable Addressable System), the average genre share was about 0.25 per cent (Week 33 to 43), which increased to about 0.28 per cent post-DAS (Week 44 of 2012 to Week 3 of 2013). The first phase of DAS was implemented in Week 44 of 2012.

Most of the channels in the genre have grown significantly during the transition from analog to digital in the metros, including the Big CBS channels, Fox Crime, FX, Z Cafe, STAR World and AXN, while Viacom18's recent launch, Comedy Central, has dropped.

As per the data provided by one of the TAM subscribers, AXN continues to top the list of the English general entertainment genre by increasing its average GRPs marginally from 2.75 points (Week 33-43) to 2.76 points (Week 44-Week 3 of 2013). The channel share has also increased from 0.08 per cent to 0.09 per cent during the same time. In the current week, the channel has, however, garnered 2.58 GRPs, with 0.08 per cent share.

At No. 2 in the genre stands ZEEL's English channel, Zee Cafe, displacing STAR World from the throne by garnering 2.19 GRPs and 0.07 per cent share in Week 4 of 2013. The channel has also increased its numbers by 0.70 GRPs during the first phase of DAS implementation and grown from 1.01 average GRPs (Week 33-43) to 1.71 average GRPs (Week 44- Week 3). The channel's share nearly doubled from 0.03 per cent to 0.05 per cent, during this time.

The third ranker, too, has changed in Week 4. FX, the STAR Network channel, has transformed itself in viewing terms, having grown by over 10 times during the DAS first phase. In the current week (Week 4 of 2013), the channel has clocked 2.01 GRPs with 0.06 per cent share. As for the growth during the digitisation period, FX's average GRPs grew from 0.05 (Week 33-43) to 0.50 (Week 44 of 2012-Week 3 of 2013). The channel's share rose from 0 per cent to 0.03 per cent during this time.

STAR World, the erstwhile No. 2, has dropped to No. 4 in the current week. The channel has gained 1.06 GRPs with 0.04 per cent share in this week. However, its average numbers marginally grew from 1.95 GRPs (Week 33-43) to 1.99 GRPs (Week 44-Week 3 of 2013) during the DAS transition. Its channel share, however, remained stable at 0.06 per cent during this period.

At No. 5, Big CBS Love has significantly increased its numbers from an average of 0.23 GRPs (Week 33-43) to 0.45 GRPs (Week 44- Week 3 of 2013). The channel garnered 0.51 GRPs in Week 4, along with a channel share of 0.02 per cent.

Viacom 18's Comedy Central stood sixth with 0.42 GRPs and 0.01 per cent share in the current week. It has dropped its numbers drastically from 0.82 average GRPs (Week 33-43) to 0.40 average GRPs (Week 44- Week 3).

Fox Crime, another performer from STAR India, has grown its numbers from an average of 0.09 GRPs (Week 33-43) to 0.37 points (Week 44- Week 3). The channel stands seventh with 0.13 GRPs and 0.01 per cent share in Week 4 of 2013.

Next, at No. 8, Big CBS Prime has gathered 0.27 average GRPs (Week 44- Week 3), increasing from 0.14 average GRPs that it garnered during Week 33-43. In the current week, the channel has scored 0.09 GRPs.

It is pertinent to note that the ratings for BIG CBS channels are based on their availability restricted to the 7 key metros, as they are yet to be present in other 1mn + towns.

First Published : February 01, 2013
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