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By Satrajit Sen , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | February 21, 2013
The campaign aims to create dissonance about TV viewing habits in children and urges parents to take a pledge to encourage their children to spend less time with the TV.

Surf Excel, the detergent brand from the HUL Group, has launched TV Off - Life On campaign on Facebook. The campaign aims to create dissonance about TV viewing habits in children and urges parents from across the country to take a pledge to encourage their children to spend less time with the TV.

TV Off-Life On campaign

The campaign is launched in association with Techshastra, a digital agency, which came up with an app on Facebook to promote the idea. All the pledges will be displayed in a map of the country at, encouraging participation.

Following this, mothers will be encouraged to ask questions and air their worries about children watching too much TV. The agency has also scheduled an expert in child development to address these problems and offer practical solutions on how mothers can address this. The interaction is scheduled for the last week of February.

Speaking to afaqs! about the objective behind the campaign, a spokesperson from HUL says that Surf Excel believes that to really achieve their potential, human beings need to be free to experience the world. "Which is why we say 'daag achhe hai'. Parents worry about kids spending too much time in front of TV and computer screens. One half of the day is spent in school while the other half is spent doing home work. Surf Excel believes in the TV Off-Life On campaign being run on social media right now. It encourages mothers to switch off their TV sets and experience the benefits of being out of doors. In today's world, there are a lot of activities that have replaced the simple joys of playing outdoors. Therefore, the TV Off-Life On is one way of encouraging mothers and kids to be outdoors and enjoy themselves. And, connecting with the moms on an emotional level," the spokesperson adds.

Firuzan Mistry

Explaining the activities planned for the campaign, Firuzan Mistry, vice-president, business development and marketing, Techshastra, says, "This campaign cuts across the digital ecosphere for Surf Excel. We are also promoting this campaign on select sites, chosen basis relevance and how strong the content on these sites resonate with our brand philosophy. The most exciting part is the initiation of a mommy blogger engagement programme, as mothers have interesting and insightful things to share with us! However, because we already have an excited and vibrant community of over a million mums on FB, this platform remains the hub of the activity and engagement."

According to Mistry, so far, over 700 pledges were received within the first five days of the activity going live. Moreover, to answer all the questions posted by mothers about what bothers them about child care and development, the agency has taken a clinical psychologist and counsellor on board this year, who will answer specific questions on child development and the effect/benefits of playing outdoors.

With this campaign, Surf not only increases the number of Surf Excel fans on Facebook, it achieves a high number of pledges taken to resonate with Surfs "daag achhe hai" positioning. "This is more about the emotional bonding within the community than a fan base increase activity," the HUL spokesperson informs.

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