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POV: Will Ogilvy's absence dampen the spirit at Goafest?

By Rashmi Menon , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising | March 07, 2013
The agency's decision to stay away evokes mixed reactions from industry veterans.

Santosh Padhi

Ajay Kakar

Arun Iyer

Charles Victor

Ogilvy India has decided to not participate in the Creative Abby Awards 2013 to be held at Goafest (April 4-6). Organised by The Advertising Club, this is the first time that the agency has pulled out of the award. Ogilvy has arguably been India's most awarded agency in recent years: what will its absence mean to Goafest?

Santosh Padhi
Chief creative officer and co-founder, Taproot India

I wish Ogilvy was there but it's the agency's call. Ogilvy is one of the best creative agencies in the country. We always look forward to beating it at the awards. It's good to have healthy competition with top players and Ogilvy, definitely, is a top player in creative work. So, without Ogilvy, it will feel as if there is something lacking in this year's award.

However, this does not mean that it will be easier for smaller agencies to win the awards. In the last three years, Goafest has set a creative standard for the industry. So, there won't be a drop in quality even if the top two or three agencies do not participate.

Ajay Kakar
Vice-president, The Advertising Club

The Creative Abby Awards is a platform that recognises and celebrates the best creative work from the industry. And, this celebration of work continues even if some agencies do not take part in it. The Abbys are not about agencies, it's about the work.

In fact, it is very gratifying to see a wide and diverse array of agencies participating in the awards year on year. The awards, in a sense, emulate the Olympic spirit, where it's about participation and not about winning awards.

Arun Iyer
National creative director, Lowe Lintas

It will be a big hit for the award show with Ogilvy not participating this year. But overall, if the top agencies are not taking part in the awards, there is something not right. A few years ago, one or two agencies other had opted out. So, it seems like the award is losing credibility. The organisers need to ask themselves why people are opting out of the Creative Abby Awards. They need to sit down and look into it.

Charles Victor
National creative director, Law & Kenneth

Ogilvy produces some fantastic work and it will be disappointing to not have it as a competitor, this year. I think such awards not only bring out the best creative work but also create healthy competition. So, I would miss the fight along with its work. If Goliath wasn't part of the battle, David wouldn't have become famous.

Besides, such awards inspire young and mid-level creative people to produce great stuff. With Ogilvy not being there, the youngsters will have much less inspirational works to see, this year.

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