Surya TV launches interactive investigative thriller, Satyameva Jayate

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Last updated : November 21, 2013
The first attempt at the crime genre for the channel encourages viewers to participate by solving each crime story as they watch it.

Surya TV, the Malayalam general entertainment channel from the Sun TV Network, has launched its first crime-based property, an investigative thriller called Satyameva Jayate.

Surya TV

Satyameva Jayate

What makes it different is the interactivity factor wherein the channel is encouraging its viewers to participate in the show by solving each crime story as they watch it. To start with, the one "lucky winner" of the first case will get a diamond necklace and a chance to appear on the show in that particular case's last episode.

Every crime story of the series is spread over 40 episodes. A total of 10 crime stories will be directed by 10 different directors, totalling 400 episodes.

The show is being produced by Chand V Communications and will be aired Monday to Saturday at 9 pm. The stories are inspired by real life incidents.

Talking about the significance of the title of the show, Saju David, VP, programming, Malayalam channel cluster, Sun TV Network, says, "We have had a very popular film in Kerala market and the show has taken an inspiration from the same. The movie, Satyameva Jayate, was about a hero who fights for the truth and that's where our lead is. Also, 'Satyamev Jayate' goes with the national emblem. In our show, the whole story revolves around a commissioner who is leading a team and trying to bring out a truth."

Crime, as a genre, is generally more male-skewed but Surya TV is looking at targeting females, too. "The story of the show is led by a female and not a male. Additionally, the story has got lots of elements of a normal show like suspense, drama and a play involved in it. This is our first try in the genre and I am hopeful it will work," David avers.

Drawing a similarity between the show and the game of chess, the channel believes that like an 'action chess' game where each player has 30 minutes to make his move, every episode of the serial will be an action packed 30 minutes for the audience, where each character will get to make his/her move in the thrilling plot. "Just as in chess where the Arabic word 'Tabiya' refers to the standard moves of any opening of a game, in our serial too there will be seven common characters, who will be constant for all the 10 crime stories to be shot," the channel notes.

In the show, actor Madhu plays the chief minister of Kerala. He is responsible for creating a team of five members who solve crimes. With the maximum flexibility to make any move and possessing all the powers to attack and capture the enemy, the show will have its own 'Queen' in the form of Shreya IPS, commissioner of police as played by actor Lena.

At the end of every episode, an anchor will analyse the case from various angles and generate possible suspects to help/play with the audience's reasoning to identify the criminal.

Like the 'Time Control' that indicates how much time one has for a game of chess, the time control in this show for sending SMS entries for every crime story closes in the 33rd episode.Right from the first episode, viewers can solve each crime story by sending an SMS about who they think is the criminal based on what is already shown.

"Viewers will be given clues in the episodes which will help them crack the case," says David. He adds that the stories are linked such that as one approaches its end, the next one starts to build up.

The show's promo is running on the Sun TV Network channels. The channel has also done PR in the print publications. It also plans to launch an out of home promotion campaign later.

It is interesting to note here that STAR India had launched a show with the same name. Hosted by actor Amir Khan, the show, Satyamev Jayate, was a reality talk show that addressed various social issues.

First Published : November 21, 2013
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