Presentation: Indians show lower impact of word of mouth while buying home appliances

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Marketing | November 26, 2013
The report reflects the factors that can potentially influence buying decisions of Asians while buying home appliances, smart devices, apps, software, wearable technology and gaming.

Text100 recently released the fourth report under its Digital Indexes series; the current report is about Consumer Electronics. Having mapped over 2000 respondents across seven Asian countries, the report shows how about 68 per cent of the people end up buying the device that they have researched about the most.


The report specifies major findings like how online and offline word of mouth have equal impact in the awareness stage of the buying process. Interestingly, Indians aren't much impacted by word of mouth while researching about the Home Appliances and Electronic category, whereas this impact increases viz-a-viz the other countries in terms of Smart Devices and Wearable Technology category.

As per the study, people below 24 years of age research more than any other age group, while those purchasing Traditional Electronics and Home Appliances are the only decision makers who are not predominantly influenced by word of mouth. In all the countries covered by the research, males below 35 years of age more frequently test, purchase and advocate new technologies at a faster rate than others.

The study also reflects the possibility of buying a second hand device, app or electronic item.

Read the entire report below:

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