Curry-Nation says Bhagawan Tera Bhala Karein to media professionals

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Last updated : December 16, 2013
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Curry-Nation's Bhagawan Tera Bhala Karein aims to drive corporate consciousness among advertising film production, marketing and media professionals towards charity.

Through the years, various programmes have espoused the cause of donations and charity but the one kick-started by Curry-Nation, an independent creative agency, needs a special mention. In a bid to raise awareness and drive corporate consciousness among advertising film production, marketing and media professionals towards charity and donations, Curry-Nation has launched a campaign called 'Bhagawan Tera Bhala Karein'.

As part of the campaign, the agency is sending a donation dabba to every ad agency office in Mumbai and urging all those who work there to donate some amount every day. Once the dabba is full, the ad agency can donate the amount to whatever social cause they want.

The donation dabbas are painted by the underprivileged night school children of Masoom, a Mumbai-based NGO that focuses on quality education in night schools, and are accompanied by posters that will give the agency employees many small and happy reasons to donate.

Speaking to afaqs! about the objective, Priti Nair, director, Curry-Nation, says, "We are the people who have the money and who want to give to charity but we often get a little laid back in our every day work lives. All we need is a little nudging. Our agency and media lives give us so many reasons to be happy. We feel happy when we win an account or win an award. This is just an organised way to encourage people to share their happiness and make giving a habit."

The dabbas will be delivered to agencies and production houses and all the companies need to do is just place the dabbas in their offices.

The agency has also launched a Facebook page ( where any company can place a request for a dabba and posters for its office. Currently, the dabbas are only being sent within Mumbai and the agency expects to expand the geography at a later stage.

"Charity is a good practice and, I hope, Bhagawan Tera Bhala Karein will provide a better reason for advertising and media professionals to donate more often," Nair adds.

First Published : December 16, 2013
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