Viral Now: Schwarzkopf's colours of love

By Satrajit Sen , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | February 17, 2014
This two-minute spot by BBDO Germany for Schwarzkopf Nectra Color shows the story of a man, a woman, flowers and the little things that make one fall in love.

They say true love creates beauty. Schwarzkopf's Nectra Color has launched a video around this thought on Valentine's Day. The online video, You - A Declaration of Love, is dedicated to women everywhere.

Presented as a refreshing alternative to Valentine's Day messages, the two-minute spot by BBDO Germany for European hair-colouring product Schwarzkopf Nectra Color shows a story about a man, a woman, flowers and the little things that make one fall in love with someone.

The video clip shows the everyday moments of a couple - moments of a love that becomes great through little things. In his eyes, she is the most beautiful person there is, her beauty nourished by love that increases every day. For him, she is simply perfect - even if she is not in reality, and they both know it. In his eyes, she is faultless no matter how chaotic, complicated, demanding, fastidious or sensitive she may be. When he looks at her, he sees pure beauty and feels true love. And, she feels the same for him.

The narrator explains in detail several of his partner's quirks and mannerisms, an approach that many ads attempt but fail at because they're afraid to get too specific and risk alienating viewers.

But, what does hair colour have to do with love? In the video, the woman surprises her lover with a new hair colour. As per the company, the hair colouring that a woman chooses allows her to assert her style and make a statement. By changing colour or highlighting her hair, a woman can emphasize her natural beauty and let herself and her hair radiate.

"Regardless of whether she intensifies her natural hair colour, changes her hair colour, covers her first gray hairs or has strands added with a new hair colour, a woman is not only different visually and perceived in another way, but also feels different. Hair colour influences beauty - not only on the outside, but also from within. Just like love," Schwarzkopf states in an official note.

Published on February 7, the video has already crossed 5 million views on YouTube.

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