IRS 2013 report to remain in abeyance for six weeks

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Media Publishing | April 02, 2014
Re-validation and audit of the field work, by a third party, to commence immediately.

In its latest communication with the media, around the controversial IRS 2013 survey, the MRUC has announced that the survey findings will continue to remain in abeyance for another four to six weeks.


On April 1, MRUC Board and RSCI Managing Committee met and considered the prelimnary report of the sub-committee appointed by them to criticially assess the IRS 2013 survey.

The press release says: "RSCI and MRUC have accepted the findings of the sub-committee that the methodology and process adopted were robust and approved the recomendation of the sub-committee that the revalidation and audit of the field work by a third party commence immidiately and be completed withing four to six weeks. The IRS 2013 report will also remain in abeyance until the process is completed."

For the record, The Indian Readership Survey 2013, was released on January 28 and has, since then, been surrounded by controversy. A large number of publications have pointed out anomalies in the report and have collectively rejected it.

The MRUC and RSCI have been looking into this feedback. The current press statement is a step in that direction.

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