Grasim chills out with 'Ice Touch'

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Last updated : March 12, 2002
Grasim Suiting has launched a new fabric for this summer - Ice Touch. Positioned as the coolest fabric, Ice Touch is priced between Rs 300 and Rs 350

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Grasim Suiting, part of the Aditya Birla Group of companies, has launched a new fabric for this summer - Ice Touch. Positioned as the coolest fabric, Ice Touch is from the Uncrushables lineage (rolled out last September) and it is available in more than 100 shades. Depending on the texture and the colour, it is priced between Rs 300 and Rs 350. The company claims that since the fabric is treated with a special Japanese chemical, it keeps the inside temperature up to 5 degrees cooler than the temperature outside.

S. Krishnamoorthy, executive president, textile & apparels division, Grasim Industries Ltd, is positive that the new product launch will help the company garner both 'retail shelf space as well as consumer mind space'. And advertising will play an important role in capturing the consumer's attention.

The nationwide campaign for Ice Touch - created at an estimated budget of Rs 5 crore and slated for on March 14 - will be aired both in Hindi and English and will run for three months. Both television and print will be leveraged extensively to create awareness for the brand. The television campaign, created by O&M, Mumbai, is a sequel to the Grasim Uncrushables campaign launched last year.

The Uncrushables ad revolved around a small tussle between a husband-wife pair. It had the wife, possessed by jealousy (since her husband works under a female boss), trying to crush her husband's trousers. She, of course, failed in her effort.

The Ice Touch ad shows the same couple having a heated argument. The issue: the husband has come home from a business trip in Goa. The wife suspects while at Goa the two of them (her husband and his lady boss) might have had a good time. To pacify her, the husband ties his trousers around her head. The idea being since the fabric Ice Touch is 'the coolest fabric', it would cool her down.

Company officials indicate that besides the high decibel top line advertising, on-ground activities, outdoor advertising, point of sale displays etc will support the new brand. Alongside, the company is also working at increasing its market presence by tapping the markets of Delhi, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh and Bihar more aggressively.

Talking about how Grasim has grown over the years, Ashok Ghose, vice-president, marketing, Grasim Industries, says, "The entire textile industry is going through a very tough phase and it is extremely important for brands to differentiate themselves to break the clutter. In the last couple of years, Grasim has undergone a tremendous change as a brand. We are committed to introducing innovative products for consumers that are not only aspirational but are also backed with tangible benefits."

Grasim Suiting will leverage its nationwide distribution network of 100 exclusive Grasim showrooms and all the leading retail outlets to ensure a steady supply of Ice Touch. © 2002 agencyfaqs!

First Published : March 12, 2002
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