Goafest 2014: Is 'integration' a buzzword or the only way forward?

By Saumya Tewari and Prachi Srivastava , afaqs!, Goa | In Advertising | May 30, 2014
We asked planners/buyers whether integration a mere buzzword or the best way forward.

Ravi Rao, leader, South Asia, Mindshare

Ravi Rao

Nandini Dias

Anupriya Acharya

Suresh Balakrishnan

The open source of ideas has ensured that anybody can come with an idea but its implementation has to be done by multiple people. It could be a digital or media agency, or an activation or creative agency. So, sooner or later, multiple bodies will come together to create outstanding work. Therefore, 'integration' becomes critical and this phenomenon will not vanish for a long time.

Nandini Dias, CEO, Lodestar UM

Earlier, there used to be a very clear divide between offline and online media. We went through six to seven years of each diversified service actually being under a brand name. We need to have a strategy which is pan-media. Viewership, listenership and readership are not segmented. They easily move from one medium to the other, so at some time it had to collapse and I believe that the collapse has started. There are so many examples of digital agencies being bought over by mainline agencies. Their brands still exist but they are being made part of a larger ecosystem and that is not surprising at all.

Anupriya Acharya, group CEO, ZenithOptimedia

Integration is super critical. The more fragmentation there is, the more integration is required. It doesn't simply mean that instead of one medium, multiple channels will be utilised. The core idea is to determine the consumer behaviour insights, for which synergies from all the media channels need to be drawn. It certainly is not just a 'buzzword' which will become redundant. The need of integration will become stronger in times to come.

Suresh Balakrishnan, CEO, BPN India

It cannot be a buzz word because it depends on how you define a media channel. Today, there is integration across TV, print, digital. An integrated approach is the way forward. That is the way media will pan out. Therefore, you need to put pressure on media agencies to think beyond conventional media. It will put pressure on the conventional media planner. Integration is not a buzz word, it is not something that will die tomorrow. It will grow and multiply in the coming years. This will definitely get more recognition for the industry.

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