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By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | July 09, 2014
The digital campaign wants to make cotton a part of consumers' daily conversations.

Cotton has always been the fabric to wear in the hot summer months in India. However, over the years, with growing application of textiles in various usages, there has been an increased use of manmade fibre, including filament yarn.

Cottonwaala promotion on Facebook

To promote cotton usage in India, the Cotton Council International (CCI) is all set to take the Bollywood route into the lives of cotton consumers through the launch of a new video campaign called "Check the Label." The campaign is a hilarious take on some of the most iconic Bollywood scenes and shows how these could have been different if only cotton had a role to play.

The campaign, designed by digital agency Foxymoron, has two videos that are being released as part of the campaign. There are spoofs of sequences from "Himmatwala" and "Deewar." The "Himmatwala" video spoofed as 'CottonWaala' has already been released while "Deewar" will be released the coming week.

"Cottonwaala" shows Hero No. 1, a brawny, rugged type trying to save his girl from the villains. But despite his macho strength and showy manoeuvres he not only fails, but also gets beaten up for his trouble. His uncomfortable, restrictive, leathery black bodysuit confines his movements and just gets in the way. Enter Hero No. 2, the Cottonwaala, all cotton, all at ease, all fluid and flexible, flowing like a true cotton ninja. He takes on the villains with great ease and panache. Moving effortlessly, he kicks and punches his way through to save the girl of his dreams.

"We are excited to launch this 'Check the Label' video campaign, an initiative to re-connect consumers in India with the fabric which they have grown up in. Cotton holds a special place in every Indian's heart and we wanted to portray this love by using elements from another space that Indians love: Bollywood," says Agnieszka Fijol of CCI.

The videos are a part of a larger campaign, in which CCI wants to make cotton a part of consumers' daily conversations. The campaign is aimed at reminding them why they love cotton, why cotton best meets their needs, and encouraging them to check the label when buying their clothes and home textiles. CCI is a non-profit organisation working towards the promotion of cotton. It works to dispel misconceptions about cotton and to demonstrate its full potential through real world applications.

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