Viral Now: Up for man-scaping?

By Saumya Tewari , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital
Last updated : July 11, 2014
Gillette chronicles how men's style has changed over the century with a 60-seconder promoting its new razor designed exclusively for body hair.

Male grooming brand Gillette has turned a bathroom mirror of a man into a window of time to trace how men's grooming has evolved over the last century. In its campaign titled "100 Days of Hair", the brand showcases iconic looks from each era in a 60-second-long video.

Executed by Grey London, the video uses a stop-motion technique and begins with a man from early 20th century dressed in a suit and a hat. As it moves forward, the looks keep changing as do the surroundings, soundtrack, ensemble, hair and moustaches drawing from the fashion trend that existed during that time period.

The man featured in the video dresses in a white shirt with an Ascot and a bow tie showcasing the '20s-'40s era. In the next shot he is dressed in a fitted olive green tee with no moustache and bouffant styled hair inspired by Elvis Presley showcasing the iconic '50 and '60 complemented by a signature Rock and Roll background score. The next change brings the popular '70s disco music and hippie fashion and the man is now dressed in a loose printed tee and half sweater, sporting a trucker moustache, which brings instant memory of celebrity wrestler Hulk Hogan.

The '80s era is showcased by the introduction of pop music in the background and model's long hair and printed shirt. The '90 are depicted through a model wearing a opened-up shirt, flaunting his chest hair. The video ends with a man with a goatee.

The last shot reveals how Gillette's razor models have changed over the years with the last being the latest one for the body, which the model in the video uses to shave his chest hair to highlight the global trend of body shaving. "Every era has an iconic look - a combination of fashion and grooming choices. Today's look calls for body shaving," said Francesco Tortora, Gillette global marketing director, Procter & Gamble.

Gillette Body razors are available in specific countries, which includes India. Owned by P&G, the company offers products including shave prep (gels, foams and creams), skin care, after shaves, antiperspirants, deodorants and body wash.

First Published : July 11, 2014
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