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By Satrajit Sen , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing | July 15, 2014
The Sony Music segmentation is a psychographic and demographic profiling of Indian audiences based on their music consumption habits.

Going by Sony Music's Segmentation Study, Indian music consumers can be classified into four groups - Fanatics, Enthusiasts, Casuals and Indifferents. Indifferents are the biggest group of music consumers in the country forming 33 per cent of the entire music consuming population in India. The Sony Music segmentation is the first in-depth psychographic and demographic profiling of Indian audiences based on their music consumption habits.

Sony Music's Segmentation Study

A nationally representative sample of more than 7,000 consumers aged 13+ were asked a series of questions, statements and choices - including their hobbies, interests and artistes, the brands they use, the retailers they go to and media outlets that they regularly interact with.

Fanatics (14 per cent of the total music listeners) form the first target group of any music company. Though this segment of listeners is small in numbers, they can spend to buy music and experience it and later spread it across all. For the fanatics, online music streaming sites, artiste interviews, artiste websites are the major platforms where they discover music. This group spends Rs 748 a year in buying music DVDs and Rs 500 in digital downloads. They use 59 per cent of their week's time on music streaming websites.

For the casuals (28 per cent), music is the lubricant for living and they discover new music when mass media picks it up for them. For this group, both online and TV, play a major role in discovery of new music. They spend close to Rs 500 per year in buying music DVDs and Rs 294 a year in downloading music digitally.

Enthusiasts (25 per cent) are keen to discover new music and often look at recommendations from fanatics. For this group, social media apps on mobile and video streaming websites form the most used platform for discovering music. They spend close to Rs 333 a year on digital track downloads and Rs 322 on digital album downloads.

The Indifferents, as per the survey, tend not to be up-to-date about the latest artistes and prefer listening to the music they grew up to. They come to know about current artistes from TV and Radio. This is the group that watches music channels on TV a lot. They are likely to spend Rs 364 a year for buying a music DVD and Rs 136 a year for digital album download.

Shridhar Subramaniam, president, India and Middle East, Sony Music, says, "Very little has been invested into understanding how consumers of music discover, behave and interact with music and artistes. This is the first in-depth and extensive research that digs deep into the music consumption habits of consumers to understand trends, preferences and lifestyle choices. These insights can be leveraged by artistes, marketers and brands to talk to consumers more effectively."

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