Asian Paints: Plop-Ups of Information

By Satrajit Sen , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | August 27, 2014
The paint brand has launched a series of visual content on its website to showcase its products to a young and discerning audience.

'A 'PLOP' is not a drop-in-the-ocean but an ocean-in-a-drop - one that represents a sea of refreshing experiences,' is how Asian Paints defines Plop, something it has recently introduced on its website as content to showcase its products to a young and discerning audience. Plop-Ups help to create unique consumer experiences through the words "AP" (acronyms of Asian Paints) displaying ribbon and colour.

Asian Paints Chameleon Plop Up

Asian Paints Independence Day Plop Up

Asian Paints Kerala Plop Up

According to Asian Paints, such content would bring the youth back to Asian Paints even outside of the painting cycle. After undergoing a corporate visual identity transformation in 2012, the company launched a new logo - the first part of the logo is the ribbon rendition of "AP" followed by the word-mark of Asian Paints. This shift from the paint drip logo that existed before was undertaken to highlight the transformation.

The Plop-Ups include one called the Tiger, targetted at conservation researchers to find a new weapon against the tiger-poaching trade by discovering a code hidden in the tiger's stripes. A new digital technique can match images of live animals with illegally traded skins, identifying when and where poachers made their kills.

A second one, called the Red Surprise depicts what happened about 13 years ago, when the state of Kerala experienced heavy rains between July and September where strangely the colour of rain drops were red (coloured rains were reported in Kerala over a century ago, before this incident). Initially, the cause of such coloured rain was associated with a meteoric burst, but later, it was concluded that it was due to an air-borne species of a local terrestrial algae.

Every month, the company will share new Plop-Ups. "What strive to provide a complete décor solution to our consumers for creating their beautiful homes. The ribbon rendition of "AP" is to represent this transformation from ordinary to extraordinary. Going forward, our association will be beyond paints and coatings. Hence, establishing the standalone importance of the ribbon is important," says Jaideep Kanse, general manager, Brands, Asian Paints.

The innovation is being promoted through is website,, and across the brand's social media presence. "While people in the painting cycle visit our website for information and inspiration around colour and décor, a property such as Plop-Ups gives visitors a quick opportunity to interact with our brand and get a quick bit of interesting knowledge or trivia about colour. This is a small "snackable" piece of information which would be relevant even for consumers who are not in the painting cycle," adds Kanse.

The idea is to find innovative methods and have meaningful engagement with the consumers. Asian Paints had called for a pitch and "BLAQ", relatively lesser-known agency won the same. BLAQ is responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of this innovative concept.

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