CAF India Launches Right to Sanitation

By Devesh Gupta , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing | September 23, 2014
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Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)India has kickstarted a campaign where it is urging corporates and others to ensure that children, especially girls, have a right to sanitation by building toilets for all.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, has launched a nationwide 'Right To Sanitation (RTS)' campaign where it aims to build toilets in 1,000 schools across the country, in a phased manner over a period of one year.

The campaign is an attempt to take prime minister Narendra Modi's vision of 'Swachh Bharat' a step ahead by following a strategic three-pronged approach of building separate functional toilets for boys and girls in schools, ensuring their maintenance and upkeep and creating awareness among school children and communities on use of toilets and hygiene practices.

Right to Sanitation campaign from CAF India

The campaign will address the issue of lack of toilets and hygiene awareness - not to forget safety issues - in schools in rural India that has led to an increasing number of girls dropping out.

Right to Sanitation

Right to Sanitation campaign from CAF India

Meenakshi Batra

RTS will ensure toilet facilities as per the needs and requirements in each school. These schools will be identified across four zones (north, south, east and west) in the country. A toilet complex in each school will be renovated or constructed as required, with a minimum of six urinals and one toilet. Most importantly, it will ensure the functionality, maintenance and upkeep of the constructed toilets by creating linkages and networks with the local authorities and, other service providing agencies.

The organisation claims to have received tremendous support from corporates and celebrities who have pledged their support. It is looking for more individuals and corporate partners to come forward to support this cause and help make the schooling experience of girls pleasant and safe. Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, playback singer Roop Durgapal, music director and singer, Ankit Tiwari and five-time Winter Olympian, Shiva Keshavan, are already on board.

Meenakshi Batra, chief executive, CAF India, says, "One in two schools in our country have no separate toilets for girls or if there are any, they are non-functional. We want to create an enabling environment for improved sanitation infrastructure and hygiene education in schools across India." The campaign is being promoted by radio jingles on Oye 104.8 FM, which is airing celebrity appeals urging people to come forward for help.

On social media, the organization is reaching out to people via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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