Viral Now: Heard Friskies' Cat talk yet?

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital
Last updated : October 13, 2014
The cat food brand ties up with BuzzFeed once again to show the grumpy cat's advice to the little kitten.

A grumpy cat teaching a young kitten the ways of the world, made us smile nearly four months ago. The cat is back with lesson No.2.

Aptly titled 'Regarding the Dog', this is cat food brand Purina Friskies' second campaign under the 'Dear Kitten' title and has been created by online video factory, Buzzfeed. Veteran comedian Hosea Jan "Ze" Frank, who now heads BuzzFeed Video, has given the voice-over.

In the three-minute long video, the wise cat is introducing the younger feline to a species he describes as a cat but only ugly. In the smartly scripted video, the cat goes on to talk about the dog's eating habits, his lack of cleanliness, intelligence and independence while glorifying the cat's ability to go 'Ninja' on anyone. He further questions the phrase 'a dog is a man's best friend' and wonders if it is some kind of marketing tactics on the part of the dog. And only while talking about the dog's food habits does the video, very subtly, mention Friskies as the food that cats - small and big - prefer.

The video was put up on the official Buzzfeed channel on October 7, 2014. Since then it has had nearly 3.5 million views. The first one, Dear Kitten, launched in June 2014 had the same cat giving out advice about surviving in the house to his little companion. The video has received 16.7 million hits to this day.

BuzzFeed Video and Purina's partnership began in April with the launch of the 'Humans Are a Dog's Best Friend' video for their 'Beneful' brand of dog food (1.3 million views) and 'A Cat's Guide to Taking Care of Your Humans' for Friskies, which was launched in November 2013 (6.7 million views). The same team has also released two more videos in the Dear Kitten series, named 'My Friend Peanut' and 'Impersona-Cat'.

First Published : October 13, 2014
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