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Helios Media Gets Music F - Fatafati's Duties

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | November 12, 2014
Launched in February this year, Music F Fatafati is a Bengali music channel.

Music F - Fatafati, the nine month-old Bengali music channel, has roped in Helios Media to handle its advertising and sales duties.

Siddarth Misra

Vikas Varma

Bala Iyengar

Launched by Royal Raj Media and Launch Pad, Music F - Fatafati is the 24-hour channel featuring the "latest" and the "best" in Bengali movie music. It also features 3D animations with characters like Jagai, Madhai and Pappi Da. The channel has recently changed the logo of the channel.

Siddarth Misra, promoter of the channel says, "Our characters are extremely popular among the youth and have managed to dislodge the reigning channel Sangeet Bangla from its position this week. We are confident that our alignment with Helios Media will help FataFati in realising its full potential"

Vikas Varma, director, Launch Pad adds, "With the heavy firepower of Helios Media as a part of the Fatafati armoury, Bengal's No 1 music TV channel will achieve its true potential and conquer new sales frontiers in Bengal. A very warm Fatafati welcome to Helios Media."

Bala Iyengar, COO Helios Media comments, "With our proven track-record of building true-value for the channels we work with, we are confident that we will be in a position to raise the bar for Fatafati as well." Helios Media also handles revenue monetisation of FoodFood, EPIC and Fashion TV

For the record, Royal Raj (the investor in the project) has signed a three year deal with Launch Pad. The deal may be extended further, considering the performance of the channel. Launch Pad is responsible for conceptualisation, creation and management of the channel for three years.

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