Viral Now: Santa's smelly troubles

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital
Last updated : November 28, 2014
PooPourri, the toilet smell eliminator brand, is back with toilet humour in this inappropriate, but hilarious, viral ad.

Cats, celebrities and baby videos going viral on YouTube are accepted by us now. But this time, the deal hits below the belt - literally. The brand which loves toilet humour like no other is back with another video to market its product - PooPourri -just around Christmas time.

The video is a timely - yet nasty - one called 'Even Santa Poops' (no surprise there)! The film opens with Santa sneaking into a house at midnight to leave some gifts, after having a hearty snack of milk and cookies. However, as luck would have it, St Nick has to relieve himself urgently and rushes to the loo. As he does his business, the stench wakes up the little girls of the house, who are not as pretty-mouthed as they appear to be. They make fun of Santa using lines like "he's dropping yule logs down his chimney". The kids even manage to steal a bag full of iPhones and threaten to put Santa's picture - in the compromising position - on Instagram. Finally, the girls gift Santa a spray-bottle of PooPourri as present.

The video, uploaded on YouTube on November 19, 2014 has gone massively viral - garnering nearly 4.5 million views so far.

PooPourri is a toilet odour eliminator. The first video from the company went viral after being released in September last year. The video which showed a lovely English lady using PooPourri to mask the smell of her, well, poo - introducing the product to viewers - has received over 30 million views so far. The same lady also appears in the recent ad, as the children's mother, as she sings a carol to market the brand once more.

PooPourri also released an ad in April this year, focusing on men who may need a stronger smelling product. Their product line appears to be as funny as their ads and script, coming in a range of Trap-A-Crap, Royal Flush, Heavy Doody and extra strength Poo-Tonium.

First Published : November 28, 2014
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