Viral Now: Budweiser's newest puppy story

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital
Last updated : February 03, 2015 05:28 AM
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The brand is back, in time for Super bowl Sunday, to carry forward the story of the puppy and the horse.

It's Super Bowl Time and Budweiser is back with its cute little puppy and his best friend, the Clydesdale. And though it has nothing to do with the brand or the product, this one is getting all the eyeballs again.

The film starts with the puppy moving around the farm when he accidentally boards a horse trailer. The trailer takes him into the city, where is lost, dirty and gets wet in a downpour as well. Back at the farm, the horse senses some trouble and behaves jittery. While ads go unanswered, the puppy travels by himself to find his home. Closer to the farm, terror strikes again as he is about to get attacked by a wolf. However, here comes the silver lining. The Clydesdales at the stable barge out and come to the rescue of their dear friend. In the background throughout the film, you can hear The Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) playing.

The film, just like the earlier Budweiser films, has gone massively viral on YouTube. Within a day of its launch, the video has received 6 million views. Just to put things into perspective, the 'Friends Are Waiting' campaign from the brand has so far got 20 million views (in 4 months since its launch) while the original 'Puppy Love' film has got a mind numbing 55 million views in a year (from January last year).

While all the videos have used the Labrador puppy as the protagonist, albeit of different ages, what also ties them together is the word play. All three films use Bud - both to mean buddy and to signify the brand.

It seems that super bowl commercials are all going to go viral, with at least four of them having received more than a million views each, already.

First Published : February 03, 2015 05:28 AM

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