Funeral of a Cigarette

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Last updated : February 04, 2015
A Mumbai based hospital took out a funeral procession of a cigarette to mark the World Cancer Day.

On the eve of World Cancer Day, Mumbai based Kohinoor Hospital organised a funeral service of the 'Cigarette'.

Around 200 employees including oncology doctors, hospital staff, various college students and higher secondary school children gathered near Diamond Garden, Chembur, for the funeral service of a '10 feet long Cigarette'.

This Cigarette was carried in an open cancer vehicle in a rally that began in the morning from Diamond Garden and went right upto Chembur Gaothan area.

People seen in the procession were giving out strong messages to quit smoking habits. Banners were seen carrying messages 'Sutta mat mar, Sutteko mar', 'Put it out before it puts you out', 'One Cigarette takes 11 minutes of your life. The choice is yours. Quit smoking before it is too late.'

The idea behind this service was to promote the message of 'Stop Smoking'.

Smoking has been the most preventable cause of cancer across the world for many years now. Smoking causes 12 different types of cancer.

Kohinoor Hospital took out a funeral procession of the Cigarette with the objective of creating awareness on the dangers of the 'Smoking Habit' and how it causes cancer.

Echoing his thoughts on the occasion, Sudesh Phanse, oncosurgeon, Kohinoor Hospital says, "It is our social responsibility to take such initiatives to create awareness. Kohinoor Hospital, through this act, wishes to deliver a strong message to all who indulge in smoking. Smoking causes cancer. We all know Tobacco Kills, but before it kills us, we can kill it."

Speaking about the hospital's drive on the occasion of World Cancer Day, Rajeev Boudhankar, vice-president, Kohinoor Hospital, says, "There are millions who lose their lives due to cancer and smoking is the main cause. We took this initiative to create awareness especially among the youth. We are sure that they will play a strong role in spreading the message across different sections of the society, thus helping us create maximum awareness."

Kohinoor Hospital is part of the well-known and fast growing Mumbai based Kohinoor Group. It is a 175-bed capacity multi-specialty hospital, located at Kohinoor City, Kurla-Vidya Vihar. The hospital is equipped with world-class medical equipment and technology.

First Published : February 04, 2015

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