Viral Now: A candid Obama wins the internet

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital | February 19, 2015
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Buzzfeed featured US President Barack Obama in a video for to increase enrollment for insurance, making it go viral.

How do you use the biggest brand to market a relatively dull product? With a selfie stick, of course! Buzzfeed's new video 'Things everybody does but doesn't talk about' has US President Barack Obama using his celebrity status to generate interest for

The film opens with Obama getting dressed for the day in his house. And in the next scene the film's co-star, a young man, is seen doing the same in his home. Obama is seen trying to different poses in front of the mirror. He puts on his sunglasses, whips out a selfie stick and starts making faces which resemble emojis. The campaign continues as both of them blame Obama for whatever goes wrong in their lives. This reminds the viewer that a majority of Americans have started blaming the policies of the Obama government for everything that is unpleasant. Obama then stands in front of the mirror and announces that the last date to apply on is February 15, 2015. The video ends with him playing some air ball until the co-star barges into his room. Obama is seen telling him to "to let him live."

The video was part of a broader Obama administration campaign to promote ahead of the February 15 enrollment deadline. The campaign went viral after being posted on February 12, and has, so far, received around 50 million views and nearly half a million shares on Facebook.

Created by Buzzfeed, the campaign seems to have worked as Obama and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Burwell announced that about 11.4 million people had signed up or renewed their coverage by the latest enrollment deadline, including more than a million people in the final nine days.

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