When 5 Star's Ramesh-Suresh got a job

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Last updated : February 25, 2015
Cadbury 5 Star's TVC protagonists, in an on-ground initiative, were seen interacting and entertaining their fans at PVR Cinemas in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Ramesh and Suresh, the stars of the Cadbury 5 Star TVCs have always invoked laughter with their idiosyncrasies. The duo stepped out on ground to interact with the consumers in reality.

The set-up being that their father had asked them to find jobs. And that's why the brothers were seen working at the ticket and food counters of PVR Cinemas in Mumbai and Gurgaon, interacting with several unsuspecting movie goers and treating them to some Ramesh-Suresh 'lost' moments.

The duo performed on-the-spot gags, distributed freebies and made people laugh at the theatre premises.

The brand claims that fans instantly shared pictures, tweets and comments on #JoKhaayeKhoJaye and joined the fun on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

The campaign was conceptualised, developed and promoted by OgilvyOne.

The entire activity was shot and converted into a three-minute video which has, till now, fetched over three lakh views.

George Kovoor, senior creative director, OgilvyOne, says, "For years, Ramesh and Suresh have won millions of fans on TV. It was time to take them out of the TV and into real life. Sending them to work at PVR not only was a fun way for Cadbury 5 Star to engage its fans, but it was also a cool way to bring alive the campaign thought of 'Jo Khaye Kho Jaye'!"

Garima Dikshit, senior brand manager, Chocolates (Gifting & Countlines), India, says, "The activity 'Lost at work' has taken our proposition of #JoKhayeKhoJaaye to a whole new level. It has not only driven a lot of conversations online, but has also given a real-life experience to people around."

Rajiv Rao

Rajiv Rao, national creative director, Ogilvy India, says, "Ramesh and Suresh have been entertaining us on TV for years. For the first time, we decided to take them offline and introduce them to their fans in the flesh. It was an interesting way to bring alive the idea that getting lost in the taste of a Cadbury 5 Star is always fun."

The duo has also been engaging with consumers around the World Cup.

Ramesh and Suresh were asked to find a new job by Pitaji. They had just finished a stint at PVR where they sold movie tickets and popcorns. They found a perfect job with the World Cup. Armed with a television set, a Soundcloud account, a Twitter fan-base of 13.8K and their favourite 5 Star, they gave themselves the work of commentating.

With a lot of buzz around the India- South Africa match, the brand arranged a real-time commentary for Cadbury 5 Star fans. Ramesh and Suresh did shayaris, forgot the scores, created an anthem read an audio-letter for the South-African team, cried, yelled, hosted contests, thanked fans with personalised messages and 'got lost' during the commentary.

Kovoor further adds that getting Ramesh and Suresh to do real-time 'lost' commentary online during the India/South Africa match was a great way to leverage the World Cup and also bring alive Cadbury 5 Star's campaign thought. "I am sure this was the first time a brand has used Soundcloud, a youth platform, for live cricket commentary," adds Kovoor.

The day-long activity got the brand to connect with the youth during their favourite event, fans got a chance to interact with Ramesh-Suresh, win 5 Stars and most importantly, all these made the match even more entertaining.

There was one important 'first' for Cadbury 5 Star in this activity. It was the first time that the brand engaged with fans on Soundcloud (not through music or a podcast but with commentary).

The brand claims to have fetched over 26,926 plays for the commentary recordings on Soundcloud, over 3.8 lakh Twitter impressions, 1,200 retweets, 698 replies, 667 favorites, and 1.3 million fans were reached on Facebook.

First Published : February 25, 2015

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