SBI Life: Celebrating Great Dad Moments

By Saumya Tewari , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Digital | March 04, 2015
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The insurance company aims to tug at its consumers' heartstrings by asking them to share their 'Great Dad' moments on social media.

SBI Life Great Dad Moments social media campaign

Holding your newborn's hands for the first time, taking her/him to their hobby classes religiously or counseling them when they get stuck in making life choices, a great dad moment can be anything. Insurance company SBI Life has weaved its recent campaign, executed by Ogilvy Advertising and Mindshare Digital, around this theme, urging the responsible parent in all of us by asking the pertinent question 'Are you a Great Dad?'

The 'great dad' idea seeds the thought in a highly emotional manner by highlighting that great parents are those who ensure that their child's dreams are fulfilled even when / if they are not around.

SBI Life Great Dad Moments Twitter entry

SBI Life Insurance also launched its brand campaign on the digital platform. On its social media assets, a contest, in line with the brand campaign, was conceived, in order to generate conversations around the bond between parents and children, evoking them to share the emotional moments, understand and appreciate gestures made by parents towards protecting their children and their future.

Braj Kishore

"The contest objective was to increase conversations on the brand proposition, thereby increasing brand awareness," says Braj Kishore, head - brand and corporate communication, SBI Life Insurance.

The contest has been closed on Facebook, but is still underway on Twitter. It has received 943,871 total impressions on Facebook and 32,49,917 on Twitter.

In terms of interactions, including likes, comments and shares, Facebook data stands at 51,578, while interactions on Twitter (favourites, retweets and replies) stands at 2,792.

"Today, a large number of insurance companies have diversified into online insurance in an attempt to tap the educated class. SBI Life is one of the early entrants into the online insurance business, and plans to progressively increase its share of voice on the digital medium," Kishore asserts.

He points out that the biggest marketing challenge for SBI Life is to make its consumer buy insurance for the right reason, which is protection.

The insurance company has recently started selling policies online. An average of 1,300 policies of SBI Life is purchased online each month. SBI Life's regular new business premium was Rs 2,998 crore during the financial year 2013-14. This year, it is targeting a 20-25 per cent growth over the last year.

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