Bindass Play brings Bollywood and folk music together

By Prachi Srivastava , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing | March 05, 2015
Bollywood Republic will give viewers an opportunity to relive their favourite Bollywood songs through different versions of folk music from across the country.

Bollywood Republic

Bindass Play, the latest addition to the Disney India portfolio, is all set to launch a show titled 'Bollywood Republic'.

Exploring a whole new aspect of music, 'Bollywood Republic' is a short-form show which will give Bindass Play viewers an opportunity to relive their favourite Bollywood songs through different versions of folk music from across the country.

Vijay Subramaniam

Vijay Subramaniam, VP - content and communications, Media Networks, Disney India, shares that through music, the channel wants to inspire, empower and celebrate.

The channel, when launched on October 1 last year, empowered viewers and made the platform interactive as viewers could request for songs to be played on the channel. Bindass Play also launched an app through which consumers could interact with the channel.

Later, in November 2014, Bindass Play added another layer of innovation by adding short-form storytelling content on the pure-play music channel, through 'Whoz Your Pappa?' and 'Nikamma'.

After launching a series of interactive shows like 'Tia's Request Show' (FB), 'Tweet Meri Beat' (bindass), 'Ishq Messenger' ( SMS) and the very recent 'SelfieWala', Bindass Play is now ready to climb on to the next level of celebration.

"The amazing thing is that, in our country we love Bollywood and its music. At the same time, there is a culture that runs on a parallel track in music which is folk music. When you travel the countryside you get these distinct sounds - the language changes, the dialect changes and so does the music. The first step of celebration for us was to look at how music brings out the best in everyone, and how versatile people are, and also the deep influence that Bollywood music has in our lives. It will be very distinct after the addition of a different culture which is folk music," Subramaniam says.

'Bollywood Republic' will travel to different geographies and have folk musicians sing and re-imagine a Bollywood song, and perform in their own style, with the instruments used in their culture. The idea is to present the Bollywood song in a different avatar.

"What every episode seeks to do is take a very popular song from Bollywood and have a folk music group, set in their environment, re-imagine this song through the uniqueness of that culture and the folk music of that culture. For example, for the song 'Masti ki pathshala' from Rang De Basanti - the Langa group from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, have re-imagined and presented it in their cultural way," he adds.

'Bollywood Republic' aims to connect Bollywood back to folk Music and, conversely, folk music's rendition of Bollywood songs add a completely new dimension to the existing popularity of those songs.

The series is currently on air and is telecast on Bindass Play four to five times a day, throughout the week.

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