Viral Now: Samsung breaks the language barrier

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital
Last updated : March 16, 2015
The smartphone maker has launched a video call centre for the hearing-impaired, through a stunt which has warmed many hearts.

Samsung - the smartphone giant - has become the talk of the digital media, thanks to a recent video posted by the brand's Turkey channel. The video, titled 'Hearing Hands', shows how a man is surprised when his entire town learns to communicate with him through sign language. This was done to promote the launch of Samsung's new video call centre for the hearing-impaired.

The video shows Muharrem, who is hearing-impaired, and his sister walking around town and being greeted by neighbours in sign language. At first, he ignores them, then he thinks maybe some of them are hearing-impaired too. But soon it becomes evident that it isn't usual to see almost everyone - from the baker to the cab driver - talking to him in sign language. He is then told by Samsung call centre executives, through a video, that the brand has now launched a website with a video call center for the hearing-impaired. And, they planned the surprise for him to make this announcement.

Incidentally, the people involved in the video - Muharrem's neighbours - learned sign language through special classes for a month. The effort has paid off as the video has gone viral, raking in close to eight million views within two weeks of its launch.

First Published : March 16, 2015

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