Viral Now: Durex plays cupid in new film

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital
Last updated : March 18, 2015
The brand, to celebrate Earth Hour, has released a campaign called #Connect, which has received over 21 million YouTube views in a week.

This year, Earth Hour is on March 28. Condom brand Durex decided to cease the day and implore consumers to make the most of it. This time around, the brand claims to have devised a technology that can help couples heighten their pleasure levels in bed.

Here's how.

The brand draws on the fact that most people spend time on their smartphones instead of having real conversations... even when with bed with a partner. The film starts with couples walking into a studio where they are asked about why they do not spend time together, and how technology is proving to be detrimental to their sex lives. After the couples discuss their addiction to social media - and to their phones in general - they are told that there exists a special feature on their smartphones which, if used right, can help them improve their romantic lives.

The couples are curious. Guess what that magic button is - the power off button. The couples laugh but are quick to realise that the fate of their romantic lives is in their hands.

What is also remarkable is the way ad makes shows couples of different ages, races and sexual orientations. All struggle for the same things - attention from, and time with, their respective partners. And all, at some level, compete with the gadget in their partner's palm.

The video was uploaded on the brand's YouTube channel on March 11 and has since received 21.6 million views.

The campaign has been created by Havas Worldwide London and has been produced by Clearstory, a production house. Russell Barnes and Molly Milton have directed the film.

In 2014, Durex released a campaign called #TurnOffToTurnOn, which urged couples to turn off the lights, and their gadgets, so that they could enjoy each other's company. It has been around a year since it was first uploaded; the video has been viewed nine million times since.

The current film has fetched over double the number of views in a matter of a single week.

First Published : March 18, 2015

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